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   Chapter 257 Good Choice

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6581

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Hester bowed her head and drank the water slowly. She indulged herself in the feeling of being taken care of.

Even it was the warmth of a moment, she still wanted to grasp it greedily. She needed so much warmth now, and she was reluctant to let go.

"Brother Austin, you are the only person I can rely on now. What do you think I should do?"

Looking at Hester's pleading eyes, Austin's heart skipped a beat. In front of his beloved woman, especially when she showed such an expression, he was almost crazy.

He took a deep breath. Even he himself admired his patience. Every time when he was about to reach the key point to break out, he was still able to force back with a straight face. It was quite impressive.

"What about you? Do you have any idea? "

Hester shook her head blankly and looked at Austin with a dull gaze. The hand that held his hand slipped down slowly, looking a little dispirited.

Her mind was in a mess, let alone any idea.

"My brain is in a mess. I don't know what to do!"

Austin was in a dilemma about what she just said. It was normal that Hester couldn't figure it out in such a situation, but he was still an outsider or a man who had been coveting her for a long time...

A bold idea flashed through his mind, and he succeeded in catching it.

"How about we leave here! We can go abroad this time. As long as we get there, no matter how powerful Terence is, it's useless! "

The gap between him and Hester is Terence, so he couldn't make any move. But as long as they were separated, would he have a bigger chance to win?

As the saying goes, love will grow as time goes by. Perhaps if they don't meet each other, their relationship will fade away, and then Hester may fall in love with him?

"Leave?" Hester's heart trembled. This thought was like a seed that took root and sprouted on her dry heart, and a tendency that was unknown gradually spread.

"But, does it really work?"

Thinking of th

hing, but after she thought about it, it was so difficult to make a decision.

But what he had just said kept ringing in her mind, leaving her nowhere to escape.


"No buts. Do you really want to wait until your belly starts to swell and everyone knows about it?"

Asked Austin in a stern tone, interrupting Hester. If she continued to be helpless like this, he would not hear the answer for a long time. For his future plan, he decided to take a risk!

"Hester, I did this for your own good. Don't hesitate."

Hester looked away in panic. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and nodded. "Okay!"

Sitting in the car, Hester's hand trembled with fear. She didn't know what was wrong with her, either. She just nodded her head without any reason and said okay. It was really helpless.

But this was not what she was most upset about. Now she had to go back to pack up her things, and then go to the meeting place and leave together. She put her hand on her lower abdomen and felt the

warmth, which made her tense nerves relax.

In order to prevent that tragic thing from happening again, she had no other choice! Since she was pregnant, she always planned to leave here and give birth to the baby secretly without letting anyone know.

"Baby, I did the right thing, didn't I?"

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