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   Chapter 256 A Confession

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Hester's heart softened at Austin's words. She thought to herself, 'Brother Austin is still him. Sometimes he would lose his temper, but those were emotional ups and downs.'.

Everyone has his own happiness, anger or sorrow. She couldn't always ask Brother Austin to be gentle all the time.

"Brother Austin will take care of me. That's enough. I don't need to worry,"

Hearing this, Austin touched her nose lovingly, smiling. He couldn't be impatient, let alone showing his dark side.

Either of the procedures must not be wrong, or the relationship between them will be destroyed.

"That's right! As long as you have a good mentality, I will take care of you and the baby. "

At the thought of the baby, Hester's spirit became flagging. The package last night completely overturned her world view, and she had to face the existence of this child.

The first child was used as a chess piece. She couldn't let the second child repeat the same mistake. Even if Terence would never know about the child, she would do it at all costs!

"Brother Austin, I have something to talk with you. Let's go to the office first!"

Looking down at her slender hand holding his, Austin was slightly drunk. He clenched his fists cautiously to restrain his affection.

He must hold himself and not give himself away! Because her active intimacy, he tried hard to conceal the overflowing sweetness from the bottom of his heart.


Hester followed Austin to the office. She sat on the chair, her fingers twisting tightly. She was hesitating and didn't know how to say.

She couldn't convince herself now, so how could she tell it to Austin?

"Hester, don't be nervous. Drink some water and tell me slowly!"

Austin put a glass of hot water in front of her and sat down in front of her. He looked at her gently. His figure was totally in the light, shinning softly.

"I don't have much to deal with today. You don't have to be anxious. You can take your ti

arms. His clothes had been soaked with her tears. The tears

are cold, hitting his heart hard.

Why Hester's fate always so intricate? Although she was kind-hearted, there were still so many people hurting her.

"Don't cry, Hester. Everything is over. Don't be too sad. You are not in good health now, and you are pregnant. You can't cry like this. Be careful not to leave illness on your eyes.

You heard it back then. The doctor has specially told you to keep a pleasant mood, so you can't be very emotional. Do you really want to hurt your own child for what happened a long time ago? "

Although he was very panicked, what he was more at a loss was the sound of Hester's crying. He tried to change the topic, so he had no choice but to mention the child, hoping it could work.

"You're right! I'm pregnant now, so I can't be emotionally unstable! " Hester said, leaving from Austin's arms. She raised her hand and wiped the tears off her face. Her red eyes were now like a big white rabbit.

"Don't cry! Hester, you can't cry. Understand? "

Austin suppressed her self-abuse hands and gently wiped away her tears. He raised the glass and put it to her lips. He looked at her gently, as if being soaked with water.

"Now that you've made up your mind, don't be sad. Drink some water and calm down!"

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