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   Chapter 255 Mother-to-be

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Both of them were speechless and their conversation was in vain. With his eyes falling on her, he left slowly with an inexplicable expression.

Hester stared at his back until it disappeared. The tears that had been held back for a long time finally fell. Her clothes were wet by the warm tears and it took away the warmth.

The sound of heartbreak was particularly clear and harsh in this quiet night. She bit her lips hard to prevent herself from sobbing too loud. She had been used to crying silently for a long time.

She had been used to loving him, but she didn't know how to get rid of it. It was said that it was difficult to get rid of drug addicts. What about her love poison?

Outside the window, it was thunderous, like the just quarrel of the two people, lively and fierce.

"Mom, why?"

She asked in silence, as if she saw her mother's mouth open and closed, but she could not hear any sound. What did her mother say at that time?

She sat against the wall with her arms around her knees, in a daze for the whole night. When it was getting white in the East, Hester moved her eyelashes and slowly stood up.

She lost her balance and almost fell to the ground. To prevent herself from falling down, she placed her hands on the ground. She was pregnant and she couldn't fall!

Hester deliberately avoided Terence's work and rest time. After cleaning up, she opened the door and walked out cautiously, observing the situation outside.

"Miss Hester, you haven't had breakfast this morning. Do you need me to prepare now?"

Lisa suddenly appeared behind Hester, with a faint smile on her face. Although she didn't know why they had been at odds last night, she felt it necessary to watch out Hester!

There were too many accidents at home recently. As the Butler, she must be extremely careful!

Hester felt a little nervous. She turned around and observed Lisa's expression, smiling. Then she raised her hand to touch her ear and said in a soft voice, "No, thanks. My ears hurt. I want to go

looked up at Austin's face and gasped heavily. She grabbed his arm tightly as if it was a life-saving straw.

"Brother Austin, I'm being followed!"

Austin's face instantly became cold, as if it was snow in June, the temperature in the air had dropped. He looked back with his cold eyes. Something was hidden in his eyes.

"Follow what?"

Hester looked at Austin in astonishment, not knowing how to respond. She had never seen Austin like this, as if he had changed into another person.

She felt very upset as she had her heart clenched. 'Brother Austin is an optimistic man. Why has he changed so much?'

"Nothing... I'm a little worried because I haven't had a check-up recently. You know I value the baby very much. "

She closed her eyes and the amazement in them disappeared. Though scared, her pale face softened. It didn't look like Terence's style.

'Lisa didn't inquire about my whereabouts. Who is following me?' she wondered.

Austin sighed with some guilt. As long as she was involved, he couldn't help being violent. As he lowered his eyes, he had perfectly hidden his emotion and forgot it.

As for the follow-up, he could look into it in the future, but he didn't want to force her to tell the truth at the moment.

"Come on! You are a mother-to-be, but you always behave so imprudently. I'm so worried about you! "

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