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   Chapter 254 Get rid of each other

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Hester held the phone tightly and glared at it. It was undeniable that she was angry because of the man's last sentence. The loss of her child was the pain in her heart forever, and she did not allow others to touch it.

But today, the unhealed wound was inadvertently torn by him, which made her feel awkward. She didn't want everyone to repeat that fact. She just felt herself like a fool.

She knew very well that Terence didn't like her. Her hand covered the position of her heart where was so painful.

"I know it very well!"

She sat on the ground and muttered to herself. It turned out that she would still feel painful with her dead heart, as she had touched something related to him.

Terence parked the car in the yard and rushed into the house. Hester's room was pushed open with all his strength. His heart was shocked at the sight of her weeping on the ground.

He was losing his patience all the way. She sat in the middle of the room, tears streaming down her face.

He wanted to hold her in his arms, but he did not have the courage to go forward. He defended it carefully, but he was afraid that he had lost his qualification.


He asked in a low voice, but when he met her eyes, he stopped. He held his hands into fists, and his heart was filled with the thought of beating up Jackson.

Hester sat on the ground, her eyes fixed on Terence. She looked indifferent and emotionless, like a walking dead. Beside her ears was his fast breath. It could be seen that he was very anxious.

She covered her abdomen with her hand, and there was a ferocious scar on it, which was left because of him. Was the money so important that he could endure it for so long, even to marry the woman he despised most?

"What? Mr. Terence, are you anxious to come back because you have done something wrong? "

She looked at him with mockery. She couldn't speak any more, so she just vent her discontent in a wild way.

"Or, is it for money?"


lly wanted to end it, she had to retain some dignity, so that she wouldn't lose too much. At least, when she could recall, she would know that she had tried and been crazy.

Terence paused, he found herself stiff and just stood there. He turned around and looked into her eyes expressionlessly.

A pair of calm eyes looked at her. A lightning flashed outside, instantly lighting up the dark night. The trees in the distance stood in silence like ghosts.

"Hester, we have never been close. You will never know what kind of person I am. Just as I don't know your temperament, it is like a thorn in our hearts.

Are you just trying to vent your anger by saying that? "

Hester stood aside and looked at him. They had been living together for so long, how could it be possible that they knew nothing about each other? Did he do this on purpose to alienate them?

She trembled slightly and took a deep breath before she calmed down a little. It was only a simple sentence that ruined everything between them.

"You are right! All of these are just my dreams. They have nothing to do with you! But this is also a good thing. From now on, we can finally get rid of each other and stop procrastinating.

From now on, please don't interfere with my life any more, and don't get entangled with me at the same time. "

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