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   Chapter 253 Bewitched

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Hester sat at the windowsill with a small knife, and opened the box. She frowned when she saw the papers.

She picked up one and leafed through it. Little by little, she fell into the ice cellar.

Then she anxiously picked up another piece of paper, which was still about her. She flipped it over and over again, but she still couldn't come to herself after a long while.

At that moment, her phone rang Her thoughts were interrupted by the ring of her mobile phone. She rummaged through the box to find the ringing phone at the bottom. The caller ID was a strange number, but it was magical, tempting her to answer it.

"Hello!" Hester was holding the phone, and her body was shaking. Her mind was a mess and she didn't know what she should do now.

"Hello, Miss Hester!" Jackson said it slowly in a strange voice. Tapping his knees with his fingertips, he snickered.

"I think you have received my gift. Do you like it?"

Hester was astonished at his words with her eyes wide open. She had just read those things, and his call came soon after. This was too strange.

Her hand, which was holding the cell phone, trembled with the huge emotional fluctuations. She took a deep breath and was so nervous that her throat became dry.

"Who are you? Why did you send me these? I'm telling you, I won't believe any of these things! What will you do to me? "

She would never believe Mrs. Qi would be such a scheming person and have anything to do with those things, as she was so gentle and beautiful.

It must be someone trying to sow dissension between them. She couldn't be stupid enough to fall into the trap!

Jackson could easily detect the change of her mood, with a smile on his lips. His eyes shone as if he had found something interesting.

'She's so stupid. She had been used for so long, but now she is still partial to that man. How poor she is! '

"Gee! What a poor girl! You ev

afraid that she would go crazy if she continued to listen to him.

She covered her belly tightly and tried not to be too excited. For the sake of her baby, she had to calm down as soon as possible!

"I don't want to hear your long windedness. It's my own business and none of your business!"

Jackson smiled. It seemed that she liked Terence more than he thought! However, no one had ever escaped from his palm.

"Is that so, Miss Hester? But it's just that since ancient times, the serious words are always difficult to accept. "

"Shut up! I told you to shut up! "

"Haha!" Jackson said with a low and pleasant voice, which was not as bewitching as before. He only felt that the woman was so pathetic that she was used by others and had no courage to accept the truth.

"Since Miss Hester doesn't want to continue, I won't force you. But I still want to remind you that don't let your imagination go too far, or you will lose more than one child!

That's all for today's phone call! I think Mr. Terence is about to come back. Goodbye! "

After saying this in one breath, Jackson directly hung up the phone. He played with his cell phone and a wicked glint flashed in his eyes. He only saw her picture and didn't expect her to be as harmless as her appearance.

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