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   Chapter 252 Strange

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With these words, Terence lowered his eyes. There was a flash of anger on her face. When his fingertips touched the paper balls, the words on them seemed to be still in front of him, shocking his thoughts severely.

He had wondered why his mother forced him to marry a dumb girl. He had guessed countless reasons, but he never thought that it turned out that his mother was using him.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down. Although his heart was in a mess, there was still a person who was staring at him. He couldn't reveal any emotions.

"I'm flattered, Mr. Jackson. I'm afraid the word 'hypocrite' is more suitable for you. You have played it for such a long time behind me? Does it mean that you have finally thought things through and decided to fight face to face? "

"Mr. Terence, although I don't like what you said, it is true. I can't defend it."

Instead of getting angry, Jackson smiled. Because of this smile, his soft face became more and more dazzling. His claret red hair with a light halo was like a dark emissary under the sun.

"But our two families have been fighting both openly and secretly over the years. How could I play behind the scene for so long. When we were young, your Qi family also played with us for a long time, so our family moved abroad.

What I'm doing now is just an eye for an eye! "

"An eye for an eye?" With these words, Terence stopped and raised his eyebrows. Although the Qi family and the Gu family were deeply rooted in hatred, they would not stop until their last minute.

"You are not as good as others. Why don't you let others talk about it? Of course, I forgot you can't afford to lose! "

He recalled that when they were in the same kindergarten, his father had forcefully instigated him to win. At that time, Jackson still cried out because he failed once. It was funny just to think about it.

On the other side, Jackson, who was sitting in his car, knew very we

arcel in Hester's hand, Lisa took a deep breath and nodded, "Well, it seems to be Mr. Terence's. I'll keep it for you until he comes back."

"I'm sorry! Miss Hester's name was on it, not the so-called Mr. Terence. My duty is to deliver the parcel to her in person, and please don't interfere with my work! "

Hester was about to say something, but the courier stopped her. He looked at Lisa with a displeased face, neither anxious nor pushy.

Just then, the atmosphere was a little embarrassing. Hester said with a smile, looking at Lisa with soothing eyes. She thought Lisa did it because she was afraid that there would be something bad in it!

"Lisa, don't worry! This box is very light. It's not dangerous. "

Then she turned to the courier and smiled sheepishly.

"Please don't take it to heart. She just cares about me. She means no harm! Since the parcel has been sent, you can go back first! "

Lisa was standing at the door, holding the hand behind her tightly when she saw Hester closed the door.

"Hey! Mr. Terence, I'm really sorry that I failed to stop Miss Hester! "

Lisa didn't receive any reply from Terence, she heard a startled voice, and the phone was hung up. She frowned and wondered what he was going to do.

"What happened? Mr. Terence is strange today."

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