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   Chapter 250 Complicated

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In the villa, when Terence was having dinner, he suddenly sneezed. Frowning, he looked up at Hester who was bending down her head to eat and sighed.

Since their last parting on bad terms, their relationship was more close than zero. Hester didn't say a word, not even a look.

"Lisa, remember to bring some soup to Melody in the hospital. Take good care of her!"

Hearing the order, Lisa had a glance at Hester with her corner of her eyes. "Yes, Mr. Terence!"

Hester bowed her head to enjoy her meal, as if it had nothing to do with her. However, when mentioning the name of Melody, her heart inevitably touched.

Although she knew that the baby in her belly was safe and sound, she still felt disappointed as long as she thought of what Melody had done. What disappointed her more was that Terence didn't trust in her.

"I'm done with my breakfast. I'm going to my room."

With his eyes fixed at Hester's back, Terence tightened his grip. He took a deep breath and put down his chopsticks. Massaging his forehead gently, he felt a little tired.

"How is Melody?"

"Madam's mental state is somewhat unstable, but she has recovered well in all other aspects. Please rest assured, Terence!"

After that, he heaved a sigh and waved his hand. There had been too many things these days, so he didn't have time to talk to Hester. Even if he was free today, he was still unable to achieve his wish.

"Remove them."

Lisa frowned as she observed a tinge of tiredness on Terence's face. After all, she lowered her head and stood beside him. Although she saw clearly what happened between them, she had no right to interfere.

Hester sat against the door, with her arms around her knees, in a daze. She looked at the floor with a dull look in her black eyes. Nobody knew what she was thinking.

The situation has maintained for a period of time, and there is not even a word between her and Terence. Even though she knew that it was impossible for th

investigate. "

"Really?" Jackson raised his voice and said with an understanding. "Show me your ability!"

After getting the order, the man blinked his eyes and stood quietly aside.

"Well, up to now, we have tried our best to find out anything related to Hester.

Hester was brought back by Mrs. Qi at her age of ten. But her previous life trajectory has been erased thoroughly. We have not found any information about her.

It is said that Mrs. Qi loves Hester very much. She treated her like her own daughter and decided to let Terence marry her despite the opposition of him. Now, things became like this. "

Jackson chuckled, he could almost imagined the way that Terence were forced. Such an arrogant man was forced to marry a dumb. It was quite depressing.

However, he would not sympathize with Terence, but took pleasure in his misfortune. Qi family now is a family with uncertainty and power. It's really annoying.

He was afraid that he would destroy the Qi family completely by his carelessness, which would cause the Gu family to have the supreme power. It would be hard for him to get rid of an enemy who trained him!

But how could Mrs. Qi who saved the family with her own power when the Qi family was in low spirits act so rashly? '?

"Does it have anything to do with her?"

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