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   Chapter 248 Don't Let Me Down

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The man smiled and gently touched the edge of the glass with his fingertips. His long and white fingers were charming.

"It's time for Terence to know some inside information, given that he investigated the people behind you frantically. Don't you know sometimes a little expose could be funny? "

"Mr. Jackson, do you mean to..." Mike raised his eyebrows and stared at that charming face. He began to feel nervous. This was his trump card. It wouldn't be so powerful if it was uncovered so early.

"But if we expose now, aren't we going to turn from the secret to the open and lose some preliminary conditions?"

"It's boring to play dirty actions all the time. What's more, you underestimated Terence. Even if he doesn't know the enemy's identity now, he will never let himself be in a passive position, sooner or later, he

will fight back. "

Fingers paused, and the man's deep eyes looked through the screen with a touch of viciousness, which made Mike's back numb. His long and thick eyelashes trembled, with unspeakable charm.

He liked to hunt slowly. When he saw their desperate eyes, he would never restrain his desire for blood. What's more, it was Terence. He was totally excited to hear that man's name!

"We can try to make a scene later. It's time to show up."

At the International Airport, in a hand-made pure black suit, and sunglasses on the nose, the tall and strong figure of Mike attracted everyone's attention.

Because of the outstanding appearance, he attracted the attention of the people around. Most of them were women. However, they didn't dare to show their affection in public. As a result, they all glanced at him secretly.

Mike stood there indifferently, looking at the figure walking out, and raised his hand slightly. When he approached closer, Mike nodded and shook hands with him.

"Mr. Jackson!"

The man was followed by several men in black, hands in pockets. The big sunglasses covered his face. He pursed his chin, and his thin lips were always too indifferent.

"We finally meet, Mr. Mike!"

The man who held his hand

ore a thin smile at his rose colored lips. With a flash of eye, he perfectly hid the emotions in his eyes. His eyes were as deep as the surface of a pool of stagnant water, which was not able to be seen on the bottom and made people feel awesome.

Everyone was overwhelmed by the fact that Jackson was a man of power, but looked so feminine and beautiful that they couldn't accept the truth.

Jackson looked up at the sky and lost in thought. He had been here for a long time since his family moved to foreign countries. Standing on the ground of his motherland again, he felt a bit melancholy.

The old house gradually became a little vague in his memory. And he also missed that place most when he came back this time. There was not only the good and bad memory of Gu family there, but also the gathering of their belief.

He lifted his slender fingers and put them gently against Mike's shoulder. His strength was not too much, but with a strong sense of disdain. He looked at Mike with his dark eyes, but no one knew what he is thinking about.

"Don't bother. I just show up today and you need to accompany me to do a play. Now that the drama is over, let's finish it!

I have something to deal with. You go back to take care of the company. I don't want it to be all in vain. That feeling is too bad.

This time, I hope you can take back the Qi group. Don't let me down! "

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