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   Chapter 247 Please Rest Assured

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Yam regained her composure and looked sincerely into Liam's eyes. She wanted the recording in his hand, but she didn't want to force him to give it to her.

"Liam, I have something to discuss with you! Although it might be a little difficult, I still want to have a try! "

"What do you want to say, Yam?" Liam moved closer to Yam. He seemed a little urgent. "If it's something you want to know or you want me to do, just tell me. There's nothing to be embarrassed."

Yam sighed heavily, with mixed feelings. She couldn't figure out why Liam was so obedient and careful.

'Could it be that... Does he like me?'

"Liam, I want to buy the pictures and videos you have. Are you willing to sell them? Of course, I won't let you lose money, just copy it out, not asking for your original copy, and not losing it. "

"Yam, what are you talking about. Since it's what you want, we will give it to you with our hands. How can we let you waste the money? "

Spencer spoke in a hurry. His boss was so stupid that he couldn't find a good word to say. It was better to have him to do it.

"Yes! Yes! As long as you want it, don't talk about the money. I will copy it to you right away! " Liam hurriedly obeyed. Although he was not clever enough, Spencer had the

best conversational skills among them. He believed Spencer so much.

Yam looked at them, feeling sorry for them. Even though she became a cruel and tough woman who had been trained, she could not help moving for meeting such a person.

As women were born to be soft hearted. She couldn't be ruthless. Previously in the night club, she competed openly and secretly just to make a living. However, in this case, the current situation was somewhat unusual.

"Liam, why are you so nice to me? What exactly are you up to? Tell me! "

Liam held Yam's hands, trying to calm her down. He felt surprised to meet her in the night club even it was an accident. Although she used to be makeup, all of them were high-grade, thousands of times better than these fake products now.

asant voice came, with a slight temptation.

A faint smile appeared on Mike's face, which used to be gentle and elegant. But after they dashed into each other, his face became weirder and gloomier.

He had gone to jail and gone through all these sufferings, all because of Terence. He swore that he would take over what he had and trample hard on it.

"Thank you for your support. Otherwise, I would not be able to get a fame in such a short time!"

The man sneered. His white skin was more smooth than that of a woman, and with subtle feminine charm. He took a sip of wine and put it on the table. With his body leaning forward, he revealed an amazing face.

He had delicate facial features and a fair face. Every detail of him was insane. He looked calm, sexy and charming with a good face. Men and women were captivated by his beauty.

"Since I chose you at the beginning, I will not easily give up! Of course, in the same way, I also need you to pay me back. You did a good job this time. I'm satisfied.

I have also seen your ability. I believe that the Qi group will be taken over under your name in the near future. Congratulations, Mr. Mike! "

Mike lowered his eyes to conceal the anger in his eyes. This man was too mystery to be fathomable. Even though he knew it was just a pawn, he dared not to fight back lightly.

"Yes, sir!"

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