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   Chapter 245 A way to make money

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Hester furrowed her eyebrows, her body trembling like a leaf in autumn. She raised her head and looked into his eyes with a mocking smile. How could she still have expectation on him? She was insane.

"I just want to take revenge on her. Are you satisfied with this reason?"

Terence stood still, her chest heaving violently. His eyes were burning as if he something was about to burst out from them. The two were silent and looked at each other.

His eyes gradually changed from surging waves to peace, and then deathly silence. Terence curled up his lips in a sad way.

His hope was dashed. Lowering his head, he looked at the ground and suddenly felt that he was as stupid as a fool.


The word gently touched each other's ears like light feathers. Terence left the hall without looking at her again.

It was not until he left that Hester slumped into the sofa, gasping for breath, with her hand tightly covering the position of his chest.

Her tears finally burst out. She felt something wet on the back of her hand. It was cold and wet.

As the saying goes, 'Some are sad and some are complacent.' In the club, everyone was lethargic. They twisted their bodies wildly and indulged themselves with their emotions.

Liam leaned on the sofa lazily, holding a beautiful woman in her arms and laughing at each other. He raised the glass, put it near the beauty's mouth and gulped it down.

"You're really good at drinking! Come and have a good time with me today. Everyone will get tips! "

He took out a stack of cash and threw it on the table. He smiled madly and his hands fumbled on the beauty's body.

"Boss, we made a fortune today. Shall we indulge ourselves?"

Spencer suggested, smiling to Liam. They robbed Melody's bag. They were very rich now and could squander anything they wanted.

Liam nodded with excitement. He could be where he wa

m hid his ruffian. He was born and brought up in a rural place. Since he came to this city, he was despised and looked down upon by others.

If it hadn't been a chance, who would have wanted to be a hooligan and live a decadent life. But deep inside, he was a simple and unsophisticated countryman. He knew how to be grateful.

"Yam, don't make fun of me. I'm just a little better than before without any background. You can just call me Liam! "

Looking at Liam smiling kindly, Liam blinked. She never expected that Liam had such a side. It was a real eye opener.

But he had helped her solve some problems at that time and humiliated Melody. She had complicated feelings for him.

She glanced at Liam coquettishly and chuckled. Her revealing clothes dropped a little because of her action.

"I don't dare to laugh at you. I'm just a barmaid for fun. I can still count on you to get some care. "

In a hurry, Liam took off his clothes and covered her legs to conceal her exposed skin. The look on his face was serious, as if he was not the dandiacal man he used to be.

"Yam, please don't say that! If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have been leading a comfortable life. To be honest, you should be the one who gave us a way to make money! "

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