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   Chapter 244 Why

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With a frown, Terence held her shoulders tightly to prevent her emotion from hurting herself. He tightened his hands and forced her to look into his eyes.

"Melody, calm down! Don't be so emotional. Your body cannot be affected too much. "

Melody looked at Terence, with tears on her face. Unlike the gentleness in normal times, her black eyes were full of ferocity and resentment.

Gritting her teeth, she grabbed hold of his hand and said, "I lost my baby. How can I calm down? Why Hester treated me this way? She looks weak and harmless, but inside, she is so vicious and insidious. "

At the crazy moment, she gazed at the face of Terence. She was determined to get what she wanted this time. Most importantly, she never made a loss business.

"Terence, you know what? I just explained it and asked her to keep some distance from Austin. But she pushed me down in anger! How could she become like this? It was so terrible.

My poor baby. I'm sorry. If I hadn't spoken to her, you wouldn't have suffered. I'm so sorry! "

The nurse came in with the new infusion bottle. She frowned when she heard a hysterical scream. She looked sympathetically at the man beside her and put the tray in her hand on the table.

"Miss, this is hospital. Please keep quiet! Besides, your child is out of danger now. But we can't guarantee your child's safety if you keep crying like this. "

Melody stood still and looked at the nurse in astonishment. Her words were like a thunder from the blue, smashing hard on her head. For a moment she forgot to react.

She had already calculated that under such a high height, the child would definitely die. Why would he stay safe in her belly? 'What a tragedy! That's why the life energy is so tenacious?'

Looking at Melody's expression, Terence put his hand on the back of her hand. 'She didn't give any reaction because she couldn't believe it!'

"Don't worry! The baby is fine. He is still in yo

She clenched her hands between her legs and looked at him stubbornly.

She knew very well that Terence would definitely believe in Melody, and she was always the one to be blamed. The sense of injustice was magnified infinitely, and there was even a faint sense of satisfaction of revenge.

It was her, Melody, who tried to frame her. Why should she bear the accusations from others? But in this case, all she could feel was disappointment and heartache.

"So what? I just hate her. I don't like her at all. I lost my child in the past. Why should I let her live well! "

She was about to explain, but the words changed after came out her mouth. She tried her best to finish her sentence when she heard her stubborn voice. The sound reverberated in the empty house until it reached every corner.

Hearing her answer, Terence looked at Hester with mixed feelings. His hands were trembling uncontrollably. He was not angry as he had imagined, but with a little more expectation.

His eyes were fixed on her for fear of missing any tiny change. Taking a deep breath, he stepped forward and approached her with a trace of powerfulness.

"Why? Why did you do that? "

As long as you give me a reason, I will believe you. He wished desperately that she was jealous because she loved him.

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