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   Chapter 243 Vent anger on the baby

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In the corridor of the hospital, a group of people pushed a woman and ran in. All the people around her were hiding to the side for her convenience.

If someone was lying on the bed and pushed in, then it was urgent. So the people stood aside for her convenience as well for their own convenience. With the help of the doctors and nurses, Melody was pushed in the emergency room for rescue.

Lisa stood outside the operating room, pacing back and forth nervously. She didn't take good care of Miss Hester and now something happened to Miss Melody. She must die for this.

On the other side, after getting the news, Terence left the company in a hurry. He clearly knew the importance of a child to Melody, and also understood that his guilt for her would be deepened with the growth of the child.

If Melody knew that her baby was gone, would she collapse? She loved her baby so much, but now she was lying on the cold operating table. She must be very lonely and helpless?

Thinking of this, he honked the horn irritably and stepped on the accelerator. He rushed to the hospital and went in as soon as the car stopped.

Impatiently, he pulled his tie apart and walked to the operating room. Looking up at the bright surgery lamp, he hit the wall with his fist fretfully.

"What happened? Why did she fall down the stairs all of a sudden? "

Lisa stooped down and picked up the clothes on the floor. With a shiver, she put the clothes on her arm. She looked down at the ground and hesitated.

"Mr. Terence, it seems that Miss Hester has something to do with it!"

With a gloomy face, Terence clenched his fists. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Slowly, he opened his eyes and stared at Lisa. How could Hester be blamed for this? It was really a joke.

He knew what kind of person Hester was, so he didn't think she would be willing to do such a thing!

"What did you say? Hester has something to do with it? "

"Yes. There were only Miss Hester and Miss Melody in the room. Then we heard a scream. When we rushed in, we saw Melody was lying in a pool of blood with a painful face. And Miss Hester was standing on the stairs with her hand in t

oken up, Terence tightened his grip on her hand and exhaled a sigh of relief.

She had been having nightmares and he was very worried when she struggled to get rid of him. How could this domineering woman have such a strong feeling of uneasiness? Was she dreaming of Hester pushing her down the stairs?

Her eyes turned around and she woke up from her dream. She took a deep breath to calm herself down. Yes, she was in the hospital, not in the abandoned factory.

In order to get rid of the child, she framed the whole thing up to Hester.

"Baby, my baby!" When she recalled the past, she cried hysterically. She grabbed the quilt, blue veins standing out on her temples.

"Hester, why is she so cruel? I'm the one she hates so much. Why did she treat my child in this way? He is innocent! "

With a frown, Terence grasped her shoulder hard. She was too weak to take all these things. Besides, he didn't think Hester would have done such a thing.

But it was a fact that Melody fell down from upstairs. There must be something hidden in it.

"Melody, calm down! You should not be too excited now. It's not good for your health! "

Getting rid of his hands, she looked tired and sat on the bed. The fierce atmosphere on her disappeared, instantly becoming a weak little woman, pitiful.

"I lost my baby. How can I calm down? Hester, why is she so cruel to me? No matter how jealous she is, she can't vent her anger on the child! "

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