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   Chapter 241 It's you

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Suddenly, Liam was in great shock. Although Spencer's idea was bold, it was reasonable.

He stared at Melody's pale face and felt this possibility was more and more established. With complex feelings in his mind, he looked at her with a meaningful look, the corners of his mouth slowly going up.

"Gee! What a surprise! How fortunate I am to have Miss Melody carry my baby!

But, since the child is mine, will you pay me hush money? Or, should I talk to Mr. Terence about a DNA test which will be more convincing, shouldn't I?"

"No way! No way! " This was the biggest humiliation for her and she would never let anyone know it.

After saying that, she suddenly realized that what she said was telling a very poor lie which revealed the truth. She suddenly covered her mouth with her hand tightly. She took a deep breath and said stiffly

"What a joke! How could I be pregnant with your child! Don't talk nonsense! "

Liam stared at her belly with a dirty smile. He rubbed his hands back and forth, and he was planning something. It was really 'Heaven never seals off all the exits'. Even God was helping him!

"Wow! "Are you ashamed into anger? Or because you felt insecure after your secret was exposed? But since you are pregnant with my child, I will give you another chance. "

"Congratulations, boss! Congratulations! You will be the Si family's son-in-law as long as this news spreads out. The Si family is so wealthy that it's at your disposal. "

Spencer looked at Melody's ferocious expression and smiled. He walked up to Melody, bowed to her with both hands and said, "Congratulations".

"Are you threatening me?"

Melody narrowed her eyes and glared at that man. If the news got out, she would definitely ruin her image in the mind of Terence.

If that was the case, there wouldn't be any obstacle between him and Hester.

"I tell you, this kid has nothing to do with you at all. Don't brag about you

looked at the back of those people, and her fingers were digging in the soil. Her beautiful fingernails were covered with dirt, which was not beautiful at all.

Her clothes were in a mess, as if what had happened that night made her exhausted.

Melody weakly held up her hands to hold the clothes that had fallen on her shoulders. She stumbled to her feet and opened the car's door. She got into the car with difficulty and tidied her clothes.

She took out her makeup bag and rearranged her makeup. After a while, the exquisite Melody appeared again, without any embarrassment.

She drove back to the villa, frowning. She had sat in the car for a long time, with hands on the abdomen, struggling.

"No way! This baby cannot be kept. "

If she took medicine, she would be found out by the hospital. This method didn't work, and she had to find a new way! With her fingertips tapping the steering wheel gently, her brain was working at full speed.

She looked up at the sky, lost in thought. All of a sudden, a figure came into her sight. Thinking of this, Melody couldn't help smiling with a sense of playfulness.

Yes! She had insisted on not taking off this child in order to deal with Hester. Now that she had decided, she didn't need to hesitate any more.

"It's you."

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