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   Chapter 239 Reward

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"What's wrong with you these days? Why do you look so distracted? What happened? "

Terence sighed and looked at Melody worriedly. As a friend, he should care about her. Moreover, she had always been on his side, which made him feel guilty.

Melody raised the corners of her mouth and shook her head. She raised her hand to tuck a wisp of hair around her ear, and then turned her eyes to avoid his eyes.

"I'm fine. I'm just too tired recently, so I'm not in a good mood."

Even if she got the care of Terence, it could not ease her long-time trepidation. Besides, it was such a good chance to shatter Hester. She had no energy to think about expanding the impact of this matter.

Melody went back to her room after talking with Terence. She sat on the bed with a tired look, looking at the darkness outside the window. She fell on the bed and slowly closed her eyes.

Late at night, her phone suddenly rang. She frowned and fumbled at the head of the bed. She picked it up and put it beside his ear.


"Ah! Let me go! Help! help! ……"

The shrill voice instantly drove away all her sleepiness. She suddenly sat up from the bed. She held the cell phone more tightly and her fingertips were slightly cyan.

She covered her mouth with one hand and lowered her voice deliberately. The cold sweat on her forehead almost drove her crazy.

"That's enough. If you keep harassing me like this, I will call the police right away. I will make you go to prison before you get the money!"

"Miss Melody, can't you stand such a little pain? I have your limited edition video in my phone! Of course, I don't mind if you want to call the police. I will upload all the things on the Internet. Your beautiful body and sexy cries will be appreciated. "

Liam laughed and lowered his voice. It became weirder and more gloomy in the quiet night. He was lying on the bed lazily, his hand moving slowly and making a pleasant sound.

"Well... Well, looking at Miss Melody's video, it's really arousing my sexual desire! "

to do? Tell directly! "

He had tortured her for so long just for money! He just pretended to be polite, which was really disgusting.

Liam applauded admiringly. He looked at Melody with a hint of greed in his eyes. He looked down and played with his phone as if implying something.

"Wonderful! I like people like you, Miss Melody. You are too frank and you don't have to take a detour. Or you will suffer a lot, won't you? "

Melody's face turned pale and her hands tightened. She restrained her anger and looked at him ferociously. Obviously, he was referring to the accident in the parking lot.

He was taking revenge on her, in order to let her not dare to say no anymore.

"Human nature is greedy, but being so greedy is your fault. I've already given you the money last time. What else do you want? I earned my money through hard work. It's not as simple as you think!

If you are really short of money, you can go to rob the bank. "

"Cut the crap! You just don't want to give me the money! I'm telling you. You should transfer ten million to that account later. "

Liam gave her a sarcastic impression, raising his head slightly. He said greedily. As long as the money arrived, he could live a wealthy life.

"Of course, if you are obedient enough. As a reward, I will delete the video. In this way, you have a big advantage! "

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