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   Chapter 234 Waking up

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She woke up slowly and put her hand on her forehead to hide the dazzling light. Melody turned over and slowly opened her eyes. She got up dazzledly, changed her clothes and turned to walk out of the room.

She tidied up her hair with one hand and slowly walked downstairs. When she saw Terence sitting in the hall, she was astounded.

"Terence, why are you sitting here?"

She frowned at his clothes. The clothes he was wearing was still the same yesterday's, and there was a slight bluish color around the corners of his eyes. Didn't he sleep all night?

"Did you stay up all night?"

Terence looked up at Melody with a cold expression in his eyes, and then he moved his arm slowly. He sighed and closed his eyes tiredly. His long eyelashes were left on the corners of his eyes, bringing a light shadow.

He had waited for her for a whole night. How could he do such a crazy thing?

"I'm going to wash up!"

After saying that, he stood up and left. Only Melody was left in the living room. Terence walked steadily back to his bedroom. There was nothing unusual about him.

He calmly closed the door and isolated himself from the outside world. Hands trembling, the phone slipped from his hand. "Dong!" And fell on the floor.

The sound was not loud, but he trembled as if he was surprised. Looking at the ground dully for two seconds, he bent down and picked up it, dialing a number.

"Check it for me! Where is Hester at present? Where was she last night? I want her information right now! "

After saying this in a peaceful tone, he hung up the phone directly before the person on the other end of the line could say anything. He fell down on the bed, feeling cold all over and curling up in the bed.

Where on earth did she go last night? 'Is she still with Austin and doesn't want to come back?' His eyes were closed, and his mind was in a complete mess. But there was still no clue.

He held his cell phone tightly, afraid of missing the call. He tried his best not to think too much. His breath gradually became smooth and his uptight nerves relaxed, br

and smiled. The gentleness in his eyes could not be hidden. He was turning a fried egg and put it in a tray.

He turned around and looked at Hester's eyes, feeling helpless. He frowned with dissatisfaction when he saw her bare feet.

"Do you still want to get sick and pass out, so that everyone knows that you are pregnant?"

Hester bowed her head and stuck out her tongue at her bare feet, sighing softly. She looked up at Austin pitifully as if she had suffered a lot.

"Brother Austin, when did you become so fierce? I'm not used to it!"

Austin's temple throbbed slightly. He came to her and picked her up directly. He looked dotingly at her pretending to be angry and shook his head gently.

"You are not as healthy as you used to be. You must get rid of the habit of going around on your bare feet!"

Hester nodded at Austin, listening to his teachings patiently. But it went in at the left ear and out at the right ear. She didn't mean to do that. Why would someone keep nagging her like this.

"Okay, I see."

She knew she was in the wrong, she didn't want Austin to continue this topic. She raised her hand to cover his mouth. If things went on like this, Brother Austin would become an old lady.

Austin froze at once because of her action. The warm touch on his lips felt so real, and his mood was somewhat erratic.

"Brother Austin, don't keep nagging me."

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