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   Chapter 230 Pregnancy Check Up

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Hester stood at the gate of the hospital and walked back and forth for several times. She decided to contact Austin first. She couldn't let anyone know that she was pregnant.

On reflection, the only possible excuse for her to come to the hospital was that she hadn't fully recovered her hearing.

"Hester, what's up?" Austin put away the stethoscope and left the ward with his mobile phone. Leaning against the wall of the corridor, he couldn't help smiling.

As long as anything connected with Hester, he would unconsciously feel relaxed. There was no sign of impatience in his heart.

Hester felt a little guilty at Austin's voice. Every time something happened to her, she would unconsciously want to find him and feel sorry.

However, she had no choice but to turn to him for help.

"Brother Austin, I'm at the gate of the hospital. Could you pick me up?"

Hester hung up the phone and sat down at a place. She stared at the floor in a daze, her slender fingertips slightly tilted, and her sight on the ground in a daze.

Austin was so happy that he couldn't wait to see Hester. He stood in front of the elevator and watched the rising number. When it didn't come up quickly, he rushed to the stairwell and went down.

He gasped to the first floor and saw Hester's figure through the glass. Austin's heart trembled uncontrollably, as if he had been attacked a point, stunned in place.

Hit hard by a person, Austin came to his sense. When he realized that he was staring at her figure in a daze, he laughed. He took a deep breath and walked slowly to her.


Hester turned around and saw the smile on Austin's face. She took out a handkerchief from her bag and wiped the sweat off his head carefully, smiling.

She had never seen Austin in such a sorry position. In her memory, he was as elegant as a noble man, making people unable to look away from him.

"Brother Austin, did you just finish running?"

Facing Hester's smiling eyes, Austin was a little embarrassed. He lowered his eyes and

ut she didn't expect her to be in such a serious condition.

She put her hands on her lower abdomen and felt her baby's weak heartbeat. She couldn't bear to abort this baby, and she didn't have the heart to do so.

She didn't want to experience that feeling anymore. She would never forget the bloody smell!

"Is there any other way? I want this baby, at all costs! "

Austin looked at Hester lovingly, his eyes sparkling. Although he had already known that it would end like this, it still made his heart ache to hear it by his own ears.

"If you really don't want to abort, then follow the doctor's instructions and come to the hospital for an examination a week. And remember to contact me if you have any physical problems. Don't hold on, or you will have a miscarriage easily. "

Hester nodded at once, indicating that she would obey the doctor. How could she not follow the doctor's advice when she heard that her child could be saved!

"Brother Austin, don't worry! I will come to the hospital on time to check up. I don't care as long as the child is healthy. Don't worry! "

"Miss Melody, your baby is very healthy. Don't worry!"

On the other side, Melody stood in the corridor, holding the test sheet. She was so anxious that she wanted to tear it up. The doctor's words came into her mind, and she gritted her teeth out of hatred.

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