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   Chapter 228 Interview

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Hester put down her chopsticks with a cold face. She looked up at Terence who was about to say something but stopped with hesitation, and avoided his gaze. She was afraid that she would lose control of herself and think too much.

"I'm full. I'll go to my room."

Holding the bowl tighter, Terence restrained his desire and didn't ask her to stay. He felt that there was something in her heart that he couldn't reach.

He wanted to explain everything to her last night, but seeing her sleep so sweet, he didn't wake her up. After that, he embraced her. When he felt calm, he fell asleep quickly and had no chance to talk to her.

"Well, Terence, I forgot to tell you yesterday. Ada arranged an interview to a magazine for me. We're available today, so how about we go there today? "

Melody's eyelashes trembled a little, but she pretended that she didn't care about it at all. She turned around and looked at him who was deep in thought, putting her hand on the back of his hand.

Since she moved in today, Terence had been looking for an opportunity to talk with Hester. Even though he was interrupted by her, but she could do nothing but felt a little bit jealous when he saw her like this.

"An interview?" He frowned and looked up at Melody, who was smiling at him. He was not interested in blatant stuff and never accepted any interviews.

"Melody, I don't like these!"

Hearing this, Melody was stunned. It was the first time he was so cold to her since he decided to get married. She was used to his gentleness. However, she didn't have time to react.

She lowered her head and picked up the rice in her bowl awkwardly. She tightened her grip on the chopsticks and slowly said, "Only this time. I won't do it again!"

She felt that she had turned a little complacent, so she began to change her strategy. She hadn't paid much attention to him before in order to provoke Hester. It seemed that she had to be careful.

After dinner, the two of them went back to their rooms and put on some make-up before going out. Melody opened the door

erence had just got married, if this scandal has been exposed, it will be harmful to us. So, do you want to go back to your bedroom? "

Hester looked at Melody with a strange expression. Her pale face made her eyes more moving. She smiled with self-mockery and sighed.

Although Melody said these words very politely, as the only person who had seen her face to face, she clearly saw the disdain and ridicule in her eyes.


Hester obeyed in an indifferent voice. Hester stood up. Her body was weak, but under the wide T-shirt, she looked thinner and paler.

Her words brought a sharp pain to Terence's heart. His arms froze, he opened his mouth but didn't utter a word. His eyes were glued to her for a long time.

Having seen all this, Melody trembled slightly with a nearly perfect smile on her face. Since he had made up his mind to leave her at their wedding night last night, and she knew that she had a long way to go.

After smashing all the things in the bridal chamber, she left angrily. She drove back to her apartment and lay on the bed, tossing and turning. She had never failed. Even in love, she would have the upper hand.

If one day, their relationship would come to an end, it should be up to her!

"Terence, don't keep a straight face all the time. A newly married couple should be warm and sweet. Your attitude is not right at all!"

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