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   Chapter 226 Take the lead

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6889

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The hand holding Hester tightened, and Terence's head intimately rubbed against her neck. He had been suffering from insomnia these days, and now with her in his arms, he felt sleepy when he calmed down.

In a trance, he felt her struggle, and subconsciously tightened his arms around her, holding her tightly in his arms. The warm touch relieved him and he gradually fell asleep.

Hester kept her eyes open and looked out of the window indifferently. Trying to ignore the shackles in her arms, she felt deeply hurt. She rubbed her belly with one hand and thought a new life would come into being. Unfortunately, he belonged to her only.

No matter what Melody said was true or not, she would not tell Terence the existence of this child. There was a will of Mrs. Qi's mother there. If they knew, they would definitely extract his DNA, but she didn't want him to be a tool as well.

Since she knew that she was pregnant, all she thought about was the baby's blood picture. She would never forget what she felt at that time. She could even smell the blood from the photo. She would never forget that cold feeling!

She didn't close her eyes until the next morning, and she could feel the movement of Terence. Hester closed her eyes at once, pretending to be asleep. She carefully controlled her breathing and tried to keep it steady so as not to let him find anything wrong.

She slowly opened her eyes when she heard Terence close the door. She didn't sleep the whole night and her eyes were a little dry. When Terence lying beside her, she could not relax at all as her nerves were rather tense.

After changing his clothes, Terence went downstairs and saw people coming in and out. The empty space in the hall was filled with all kinds of suitcases, which became a little crowded in an instant.

He came downstairs sullenly, stood at the door and looked at the busy people, questioning them harshly.

"Who let you move in?"

"It's me!" Wearing a simple white dress and white sneakers, Melody looked young and pretty. She walked to him w

satisfied with Hester taking care of me before. Would you please let her take care of me this time?

By the way, when she takes care of me, I also take care of her body. She looks so sick. It makes me feel bad! "

Looking at her lowering head, Terence was absent-minded for a moment. He clenched his hands and then loosened them slowly.

He was displeased with her decision to move in this morning. He wouldn't let Hester take care of her. Wouldn't that mean rubbing salt into her wound?

"She couldn't even take care of herself. How could she do that! It's better for Lisa to arrange it. "

"Okay!" Melody nodded her head and said nothing. Then she turned around and walked into the room. Her face darkened. Taking a few deep breaths to calm down, she began to decorate her room with joy.

She was Mrs. Qi, the real Mrs. Qi, at the upper hand, so she disdained to discuss this with her. There was a long time ahead of her, and she had to drive her out little by little.

"Come here, Terence. Help me to see where to put this."

Terence sighed, then he reluctantly turned his eyes off Hester and went to her bedroom. His eyes darkened when he saw Melody busy with her work.

He knew nothing about her preferences, so how could he know where those things to be placed. He felt a little uncomfortable with her identity of being Mrs. Qi.

"As you like!"

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