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   Chapter 221 Was she...

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At last, Lisa couldn't convince Hester. She sighed and turned around, leaving the hall. Since she said so, as a servant, she couldn't interfere too much in her master's affairs, even she was not.

Hester bowed her head. It was not until she feel Lisa left did she raise her head, continuing to torture herself. She was so determined that she didn't move away her eyes.

The priest stood in the middle of the hall, looking at the bride and groom in front of him in a holy manner. Holding the Bible in his hands, he said solemnly, "Miss Melody. Would you like to marry Mr. Terence, love him and respect him from now on, never leave him and be loyal to him, no matter rich or poor, no matter health or disease, no matter success or failure, always support him, love him, share weal and woe with him, and work together to create a healthy and happy family until death?"

Melody held the flowers tighter and smiled shyly. Her goal was about to be realized. This feeling was so good!

"I do!"

Hester was shocked by her expression. She picked up the remote control hastily and turned off the TV. Such a beautiful oath. She didn't have the courage to hear it from him.

She sat on the sofa in a daze. She didn't know what was wrong with her. She was always so contradictory, all decisions in her heart had not been persisted. As a result, she hated herself.

'Hester, I look down upon you!'

Tears, which had been held back for a long time, finally fell slowly in her mouth as she spoke. The warm water dropped on her chiffon skirt and gradually cooled her heart.

On the other side, the priest heard the reply of the bride and nodded slightly. Then he also asked the groom the same question. He looked at him gently, as if he could tolerate everything.

The bridegroom didn't respond to his questions. He repeated it in a hurry, grasping the Bible in his hand tightly.

"Terence, are you willing?"

The whole hall was in silence. All eyes were fixed on Terence, whispering. The relation between the two families had b

s around her knees. She covered her mouth tightly, and her face was hidden behind her long hair.

Suddenly, a disgusting feeling rushed over her. She rushed to the bathroom and held the toilet, frowning. Kneeling on the ground, she vomited violently.

"Miss Hester, what's wrong with you?" Lisa followed Hester at once. Seeing the appearance of Hester, her face turning pale.

"I'll go get a doctor for you. Hold on!"

"I'm fine!" Hester held Lisa's hand and sat on the ground weakly. "Please help me sit on the sofa and give me a cup of warm water by the way."

Upon hearing this, Lisa held Hester's arm and they made their way to the couch. Then she poured a glass of warm water for her.

Hester clutched her chest and took a sip of water. The vomit she had just pressed down came up again instantly.

"My God My God! "

"Miss Hester, what's wrong with you? What's wrong with your stomach? " Confused, Lisa patted her back gently.

She checked the materials used in the kitchen every day. It shouldn't happen. What the hell was going on?

Hester bowed her head and took a deep breath before coming to herself. She put her hands aside, closed her eyes and slumped into the sofa.

Suddenly, a thought flashed in her mind. She opened her eyes widely in disbelief, and her face became gaunt than before because of vomiting. Was she...

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