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   Chapter 214 Unspeakable

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Melody sneered and ran her fingers through her hair. She always liked to wear high-heeled shoes, but today she dressed especially simple. Every move was not fierce, but rather gentle and dignified.

Since Terence had promised her that she would not be accepted because of the child, she would change her strategy and find a breakthrough from Hester.

"Sometimes I really admire you so much that you can take things for granted. You know nothing about Terence's difficulties! "

Hester's face was pale. She looked at the ground, not knowing what to do. Although she knew that Melody did it on purpose to embarrass her, she couldn't deny the fact.

She didn't know much about the company, but the reporters at the entrance were not easy to handle with.

"Melody, you don't have to irritate me with words. Don't you have any responsibility for what happened that night? "

Hester took a deep breath, trying to make herself look calm. If the situation between Melody and her wanted to make a change, she was the only way.

Melody stared at Hester in a daze, surprised. She squinted and looked at Hester as if she didn't know her.

Was she threatening her? The feeling was terrible.

"Hester, you can't threaten me with that! If I didn't tell Terence where you were, I'm afraid you're already a corpse standing in front of me!

Or maybe there is a funeral for you! "

She was very happy to see Hester's expression. She raised her hand and gently stroked Hester's cheek. Feeling her uncontrollable trembling, Melody smiled slightly.

She would be defeated in front of Terence, but in front of Hester, she must stand on a high place and completely step her under feet.

If it weren't for pretending a caring mother, she wouldn't have dressed up in such a simple manner that her aura wouldn't have been affected. However, she was a queen in front of Hester no matter what look!

"By the way, Terence knows all the things I have done, but he has never said anything wrong to me! I'm here to h

n the pen in his hand, Terence looked up at Melody, raising his eyebrows. He glanced at Melody's belly and then left immediately, with a guilty expression glimmering in his eyes.

Did she do anything simple for the baby's sake? She used to love beautiful and charming ornaments and make up. How could she go out like this?

"Have a seat!"

He calmed himself down and said as if nothing had happened. However, his tone was stiff and somewhat awkward.

Melody smiled and put a few strands of hair behind her ears. She slowly walked to the sofa nearby and looked at him with her gentle eyes.

"Terence, how is Qi group? …… My God My God!"

She covered her mouth and retched before she finished her words. Melody's face turned pale and frowned.

"I'm sorry! …… My God. I'm sorry. "

A variety of feelings welled up in Terence's heart when he saw that Melody retched in front of him. He narrowed his eyes and the long eyelashes could conceal the affection in his eyes, which seemed somewhat repulsive.

"Don't worry. I can handle those old foxes! You... Have a good rest and don't go for these trifles anymore. After all, you are now... "

He couldn't speak out the word "pregnant". Feeling uncomfortable, Terence had to keep silent. He couldn't face her calmly and it was more impossible for him to say the word indifferently.

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