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   Chapter 212 Trouble

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"I'm sorry, Melody! I can't promise you on this. I don't love you. It's really unfair to you. You have done so much for me, and I don't want you to sacrifice any more.

I can compensate you in any way, but I can't grant your request. Sorry! "

After struggling in his heart, Terence finally refused her request. Hester and he loved each other very much. Their feelings were like those floating in the air, and couldn't withstand wind, rain or snow.

If he agreed with Melody's request, he was leaving Hester. Hester was a stubborn woman. She would leave desperately and there was no way to change her mind.

Melody's heart sank. Her scheming didn't work out the best way. Her words were watertight. Arrogant as she was, she had already reduced her attitude to the minimum. She wouldn't accept that!

"Terence, are you really not going to help me? This is your child. Do you really have the heart to abort it? "

She gripped his sleeve tightly and her tears fell down.

"If you're worried about Hester, I can help you explain. It's true! I won't cause any trouble to you. Please help me!

If you mind what happened last night, I can apologize immediately. Please think about the heart of being a mother, OK? I just want to keep my child. For the sake of our past, please help me. "

Listening to her crying, Terence was distracted. He remembered clearly all these things, and he wouldn't forget so easily. However, feelings couldn't be forced for guilty.

Raising his hand to get rid of her hand, he looked into her eyes and took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry!"

These three simple words made the work that Melody had schemed for a long time come to an end. She had to admit that her body was cold now.

She had never dreamed that her dear Terence would be so heartless to her one day. It was the same face as before, but it seemed as if facing a completely strange person.

Melody looked away in panic a

be so stupid?'

Withdrawing his thoughts, Terence lowered his eyes to conceal his anger.

"Qi group doesn't need nosy employees!"

In a word, the future of several of them would be determined. Sheryl sighed lightly, without much regret. As an employee, it was a matter of principle not to talk about the boss. It couldn't be forgiven.

"Okay, Mr. Terence, I know what to do."

Terence nodded and decided to leave them alone. A fierce battle was about to start. Those cunning old foxes on the board were about to make a move. He had to concentrate and deal with it well!

He walked quickly to the head of the meeting room and sat straight. His eyes swept through the expressions of everyone present, and he sneered. He was running out of patience with these hypocrites.

"Do you have anything for the board meeting?"

Everyone began to look at each other. After all, they were only shareholders. There were some things that couldn't be done absolutely. They could only be said out implicitly.

"Here is the thing! We think without the vice president of the company, your work is too heavy. In order to ease your burden, we recommend a vice president to share your work as soon as possible. "

"Yes! Mr. Terence, you have worked too hard. I agree with this proposal! "

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