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   Chapter 211 Keeping the baby

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She wouldn't be able to leave as she was stopped by Terence. He was thinking about what happened last night. Although he was grateful that she only cared about what happened between him and her, he was afraid that that man would leave indelible trauma in her heart.

"Hester, it's not your fault! You have very strong endurance for that drug. So, promise me, forget all the unpleasant things happened last night, and only remember the sweet thing! "

Hester was stunned by his sudden grave expression, and nodded obediently. She slightly lowered her eyes and looked at the ground, making people couldn't see her eyes.

She understood what he meant. He was worried that she would have a psychological shadow. She was deeply moved, and meanwhile, she felt more grateful that God had blessed her so that she could escape.

"Don't worry! I'm fine. I just need some time to accept the fact. "

Hearing this, Terence breathed a sigh of relief. He smiled and released her hand gently. She worked so hard last night. She must be very tired now?

"Yes! Go upstairs and have a rest! "

Hester nodded, her face flushed red. When she went upstairs, her legs were trembling slightly, which made her embarrassed. The man at her back looked at her with burning eyes. Unfortunately, she was in such an awkward situation.

She finally went upstairs, with the sweat on her forehead. She closed the door immediately, leaned back against the door and sat on the ground, breathing heavily. She was so nervous under his gaze that her heart almost jumped out!

Melody stood at the door and watched their sweet interactions. She clenched his hands into fists and her nails were embedded in her palms, but she didn't notice it.

She was furious. Why? That bitch could have been so happy, but she, as the chosen one, had to live such a miserable life.

She gently stroked her belly with her hand. She didn't even know who was the father of her child. Damn it! Thinking of this, Me

him that she would take the pills. Then how could she get pregnant?

"You... You didn't take your medicine? "

Melody stumbled and smiled bitterly. She scratched her head in frustration.

"I did take the medicine, but I didn't expect it to come. Maybe I was destined to get it, so I was more reluctant to get rid of it.

But, don't worry about me! I'm here today for nothing, just to let you know about it, and please help me!

My father is a traditional man. He will never allow me to get pregnant before marriage. He will take me to the hospital for an abortion immediately.

So, I beg you, please marry me. After the baby is born, I will divorce you, and it won't take long. "

Speaking of this, Melody knelt on the ground and pulled his trousers with sincerity.

"I've helped you so many times, but you never paid me back. This time, just do me a favor back then, okay? Please keep this baby for me. We can sign an agreement in advance if you don't believe me.

We'll divorce as soon as the baby is born safely, okay? I can even sign the divorce agreement. Can you help me keep this poor child? Okay? "

Turning livid with rage, Terence helped Melody up. At this moment, he was very conflicted. He felt guilty to her, which was also the reason why he couldn't make a decision for a long time.

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