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   Chapter 208 Crazy

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Covering the panic on her face, Melody looked at Terence in surprise. She would rather die than speak it out. As long as she got what she wanted today, Hester would lose her face to stay with him.

That woman was drugged. How could she escape? She must calm herself down and not show any flaws!

"Hester? I don't know. Shouldn't she be in the villa at this time? "

Upon hearing Melody's answer, Terence was heartbroken. He staggered back before barely steadying himself.

Hester's message was in his phone. She came here for Melody. Now Melody had answered it like this unexpectedly. He couldn't imagine what had happened and felt extremely anxious.

He lifted his hand and pinched her chin. The force was not too strong, but full of momentum. His face was covered with ice and no one was allowed to get close.

"Tell me, where she is?"

Melody was forced to look up at him. The cruelty in his eyes made her slightly stunned. Is he doing this for that bitch?' 'Am I inferior to that bitch?'

The unbalanced and jealousy in her heart were getting crazy, and the haze gradually gathered in her eyes, she was still stubbornly looking at him.

"I don't know... Whoooooooooh! "

Before she could finish her words, Terence's hands choked in her throat tightened. She breathed heavily and felt suffocated.

Her eardrums ached, and a terrible sense of death pervaded between them. She realized that if she didn't told him the location of Hester, he would really want her to die!

"She... She is in... Room 2201! "

After uttering the words with great difficulty, his hands around her neck were withdrawn in an instant. Without his arm's support, Melody fell on the ground with an awkward look. She covered her chest with one hand and gasped for air.

"Cough... Ahem! "

Terence angrily pressed the button of the elevator, hoping to reach the expected floor as soon as possible. He clenched his fists as he looked at the number on the screen.

Veins stood out on the back of his hand, trembling slightly. As s

s arms was mumbling to herself, seeming very uncomfortable.

Looking at Hester was covered with Terence's clothes, Melody's eyes twinkled. She couldn't make up her mind. 'What's the matter now?'

Melody stayed to confirm whether she had been raped or not, and at the same time to deal with the aftermath. She met with Terence face to face and needed to explain.

As she was lost in her thought, he came to her with Hester in his arms. Melody hurriedly arranged her mood, fixing her eyes at Hester with sadness.


Terence ignored Melody and didn't want to listen to her explanation. It was the first time that he looked on her coldly. He did it only for the woman in his arms.

He didn't care what happened between them and what she wanted to explain. Hester was extremely patient now. He had to hurry back!

He carefully put her on the back seat and held her tightly in his arms. He looked up at the stiff back of Melody and lowered her eyes at Hester. His eyes were gloomy.


After he finished the words, the driver started the car and quickly left the night club. Mr. Terence kept a straight face all the way, which was terrifying, and naturally he dared not neglect.

Hearing the noise behind her, Melody slowly turned around. She could only see the back of a car. She clenched her fists, unable to accept the truth.

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