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   Chapter 200 Waking Up From A Dream

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Hester and Terence strolled slowly around the lake, hand in hand. It was the most relaxing moment to have a walk after meals. The sun was on the mountain top and dyed the whole world into golden color. It was a little sweet and romantic.

Hester looked at the sunset, and suddenly thought of the word "time is calm". Perhaps after all the hardships she had gone through, her good time had finally passed!

"Terence, can we take a walk here every day?"

No one knew what Terence was thinking about. He held Hester's hand tighter and said slowly


During these days, they spent the whole day together. They walked, ate and sat quietly. Although they didn't talk much, the happiness between them made people envious.

Waking up in the morning, Hester was still asleep. Looking at her face, Terence smiled softly. He got up quietly, dressed neatly and walked out of the room. He drove away alone.

When Hester woke up, she reached out her hand to touch the person beside as usual, however, just felt coldness. She closed her eyes and fumbled for a while to open her eyes slowly.

She frowned and looked around doubtfully, but didn't see his trace.

"Where is Terence going?"

She stood on the floor barefoot, looked down, and obediently chose to put on her slippers. Opening the door, she saw the servants cleaning the room. She raised her eyebrows slightly.

She walked slowly to the courtyard and tried to search for his trace in her memory of the past few days, but still had no clue. As she sighing, the sound of a car came from the front yard. Bored, Hester sat on the sky lift and looked at the lake.

"Maybe he has something to deal with in the company."

Although she knew that the company she had been through these days was an extravagant hope, she still felt reluctant to leave him when he really went to work. She got bored unconsciously after seeing him leaving so many times.

Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, she leisurely took a swing chair, trying to relieve the sudden mood.

Suddenly something was rubbing against her feet, patting her f

any servants, they refused to talk to her.

Even Lisa was too busy to talk with her. Hester lied on the bed, feeling exhausted. She took a deep breath.

People said that "A Dream of Red Mansions" was made up, but someone was still crying crazily for it. These days were just like a dream for her, which made her forget the reality.

The first day Terence went to work, Melody got the news. She packed up hurriedly and went to Qi group. She hadn't seen him for a long time. She always felt uneasy when she didn't see him.

Since he made it clear last time, she was always afraid. She thought over and over again about what she did. She was really going crazy.

When she hurriedly got in the car and held the steering wheel, Melody felt her temple was painful.

"How could I forget that Qi group has no official business to deal with?"

Annoyed, she banged the steering wheel hard. She was a little edgy. She was on the edge of madness. Only if she firmly held on to Terence's hand could she be saved.

"No way! I can't be passive anymore. I have to find a way to break this situation! "

Sitting in the office to deal with documents, Terence would always think of Hester involuntarily. What was she doing now? Was she playing with lemon?

He couldn't help admiring it, for it could stay with her every day...

"What am I doing? Am I fighting with a golden hair dog for favor? "

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