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   Chapter 197 The talk

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Lisa's face darkened with embarrassment. She didn't want to give in. Melody was still not the hostess of this house. Even if she was, Terence would not fire her.

"Miss Melody, please don't make things difficult for me!"

She had had enough with Lisa, the butler. She pushed her hard against the wall and no longer talked to her anymore.

She grew more and more anxious as she went upstairs in a mess. He didn't answer her phone last night. She couldn't help thinking too much.

Since that incident, she had completely lost the sense of security. As long as Terence was involved, everything would be out of control.

Besides, she would be insane if he kept a cool attitude towards her. She had been restless all night for the whole night before she went to his house early in the morning.

"Miss Melody, you can't go in! Mr. Terence is still sleeping. Please wait for a moment in the living room! "

The servants went up to her and stopped her anxiously. Although Melody had shown her prestige here before, they were still afraid of Terence.

"Fuck off!"

Melody stared at them with red eyes and pushed them away. She had to see Terence first before she could calm herself down.

Finally, she arrived at the door of Terence's room. With cold and calm eyes, she kicked the door open with a hard kick.

"Terence, I..."

Then she stopped because she didn't know what to say. All her attention was on the bed. The two figures were lying close to each other, her eyes were blazing.

Her face gradually turned from shocked to ferocious and rampant.

"What are you doing?"

All right, he was sleeping at home. He was even woken up by someone breaking in, which almost drove him to the extreme. Feeling Hester's fear, he held the quilt and carefully wrapped her up.

"Mr. Terence, I'm sorry! I couldn't stop Miss Melody. I'm sorry to disturb your rest. Please forgive me! " Lisa could feel the rage in his voice, so she walked up to

She didn't allow herself to leave a bad image in his mind, at least not now!

With a frown, Terence rose and walked towards Hester. He lifted her up and looked at her smooth feet in disapproval.

"You are too weak to stand here barefoot!"

After that, he took her straight back to the bedroom. During this time, he didn't look at Melody and all his attention was on Hester's feet. She was taking medicine. Why didn't she take good care of herself?

Did she suffer from self abuse or did she like the taste of the Chinese medicine?

Left alone by Terence, Melody couldn't control herself anymore. Her face was twisted. She was almost driven mad by Hester. Why did she keep pestering Terence as she was so humble?

She hated Hester more because she was embarrassed when she was ignored by Terence.

Hester allowed him to put her on the bed obediently, and her heart trembled at the sight of him putting shoes for her. She trembled to hold back her tears.

Looking at Hester, Terence smiled. He raised his hand and rubbed her head gently.

"You must take good care of yourself without me by your side! Understand? "


Hester nodded. She had decided not to let him worry about her, so she would be extremely careful. But she couldn't help herself when she saw Melody today.

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