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   Chapter 186 The News Of Marriage

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A flicker of impatience crossed over Terence's cold face. But it was still captured by Melody, who kept smiling when she looked into his eyes.

She knew what he was thinking. But since it was a good chance for her, she would seize it!

"Although it is not proper for Yam to do that, it also remind me of something. We were engaged before. This time you didn't accept any interview to deal with the thing, the public would have forgotten the alliance by marriage between our two families, which caused a huge uproar.

But if we change a view to look, things would have been simplified. "

After listening to Melody's words, Terence lowered his eyes and thought. 'Although this idea was annoying, it was the only feasible way. Melody had always done things for him. How could she be like Yam?'

"I think too much. I apologize to you!"

Melody waved her hand indifferently. She frowned and leaned her head on her hands. Just pretend to be an eighty year old lady.

"I have seen a lot of such things, of course I won't fuss about it with you! But in this case, the two branches of the company will be really tied together, and the business of our Si family will also be expanded. Haha! "

Said Melody. Trying to break the heavy atmosphere, she didn't hide her greedy nature at all. She tried to be more lively and look more energetic.

She had to tell him that it was all for the interest, not for her selfish motive.

Seeing that Melody was as greedy as a cat, Terence finally couldn't help smiling. In the beginning, they got together for benefits, and this time was no exception.

"It seems that you've learned a lot about business cycle over the years!"

Melody bowed to Terence with her hands clasped. She behaved decently, pretending to be cool.

"I'm so lucky to be praised by you! But our Si family has only me the only daughter. I have to take care of the huge family business. I have to study hard! "

After two weeks' silence, Qi group finally received an i

ormation of the wedding ceremony of me and Terence. Today is the day for Qi group to clarify its rumor about the past period. Please focus on this issue!"

Just saying half of the word, Melody paused. She lowered her head and put on a sweet smile. Her shyness was obvious to everyone.

As for the news of our wedding, we will inform you as soon as the time is settled. Please don't worry! "

"You two have always kept a low profile, this time you show up together is really rare and valuable. It's very interesting. So, we want know, where does Mr. Terence want to marry Miss Melody? "

After the hint from Melody, all the reporters focused their attention on Terence. After all, as a woman, she would be shy.

Facing the camera that kept shining, Terence was slightly distracted. 'Hester would be devastated if she saw this report!

If he had time, he would have asked Lisa to cut off all her contacts. But now he was being interviewed, he couldn't show any impatience.'

"We are now discussing the wedding date. The specific matters haven't been decided yet!"

"According to Mr. Terence, you are going to get married as soon as possible." Everyone here joked, completely forgetting the scandal of Qi group. The marriage of Yi Feng group and Qi group was a strong alliance. As for that scandal, everyone chose to forget.

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