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   Chapter 185 Marry Me

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"Daddy!" Yam walked back and forth in the living room. She didn't understand why her father didn't accept an interview. Qi group was now in the face of bankruptcy. How could he just sit still!

"It's a mess outside. Why are you reluctant to accept the interview?"

Yam's father calmly drank the tea that had just been brewed. He cast a glance at her, felt a little angry. Why did his daughter love Terence so much!

"Qi group is not Ning family's. I don't think it's appropriate for me to accept an interview. We should stay away from such a mess, or we will get into trouble. "

Yam froze and wondered what her father meant. She walked towards him, smiling sweetly.

"Dad, do you have an idea?"

With a triumphant smile, Yam's father drank tea calmly. "Yam, pay attention to your feelings, just calm down! Since the reporters want to stay here, just let them go. "

Yam frowned and worried. After all, she is going to be the wife of Qi group's CEO. She can't just let someone ruin her plan!

"But how about the Qi group? Can Terence handle it alone? Ramona has received an interview, and the public opinion is crushing on the Qi group, which is about to go bankrupt. "

Yam's father gently patted her hand, smiled like a cunning fox.

"Since things have come to this, I think it's time to have a talk with Terence."

A glimmer of light flashed through her mind, and Yam looked at her father in disbelief. Was it premeditated?

"Dad, what do you mean?"

Yam's father smiled mysteriously, touching the edge of the pot in his hand. The water vapor dispersed around, making everything look so unreal.

"I know we have to make a move in case, however, the other party have no intention of making a move. In this case, we have to take the initiative,"

After chatting with her father, Yam returned to her room and took out her phone, hesitating. After walking out of the window and looking at the reporters waiting downstairs, she final

to keep her image in front of Terence.

"As long as you promise to marry me, I will persuade my father to stop this from happening. Of course, if you have the heart to see Qi group destroyed in your hands, you can refuse. "

Being extremely angry, Terence laughed, looking at the sky outside the window with deep eyes. "Done?"

Hearing his words, Yam felt the joy of revenge. She was the one who had been passive and bullied before. Today, she could finally return it.

Staring at the ceiling complacently, she thought 'Even you Terence was so brilliant, you must to marry me obediently!'

"It seems that Qi group can't hold on any longer. I advise you to make the decision as soon as possible, and don't... "

Terence impatiently hung up the phone and threw it aside. His sharp eyes squinted slightly, revealing a bloodthirsty light. It seemed that he should speed up.

"Is that Yam?" Seeing him hang up the phone, Melody said slowly.

Terence nodded slightly with a disdainful look. When he looked up at Melody's calm eyes, his anger gradually subsided.

"Stupid woman!"

Hearing this comment, Melody chuckled. She felt a little relieved as she approached him. Her clear eyes shone brightly.

She flushed slightly, which showed fabulous appearance.

"Terence, let's get married!"

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