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   Chapter 184 Crisis For Public Relations

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Terence stood on the rooftop and looked down. People screamed in panic and cameras flashed continually.

"Damn it!"

He thumped on the stage and cursed in a low voice. Why are there so many reporters here? It seems that someone has deliberately made it.

"I need to hold an emergency meeting so as to minimize the impact of this event!"

Although they had taken measures, the adverse impact of this incident was so big that it had been magnified infinitely. Qi group had been at the forefront of the campaign, and it's stocks plummeted one after another.

"Clap!" Throwing the magazine aside, a photo of Victor falling down appeared on it, which was very striking. With a serious look, Terence rubbed his forehead.

"Mr. Terence, do you think it necessary to negotiate with the media?" Sheryl stood aside, frowning.

Terence looked up coldly. His sculptural features were aggressive, daunting. He sneered slightly, as if he was a king looking down upon the world.

"Ask the public relations department to solve this matter well, and the damage must be minimize!"

"Yes, sir!" Then Sheryl hurried out of the office and did as what Terence said.

In the office of Qi group, everyone felt insecure. In the resting room, the words "jumping off a building"

and "Victor" were heard everywhere, for fear that they would lose their job.

"Is it true about Victor?" A woman held some face powder to fix her makeup, and she was still talking about other people's affair. She was on a business trip, so she didn't see it with her own eyes.

"Of course, it is very sensational now. At that time, I was in the office and watched him jump down. It was so horrible! "

"I saw a video of Victor jumping off the building yesterday! I think Qi group probably suffered a great loss this time. I have to find a job as soon as possible in case I lose my job! "

"Are you so eager for the Qi group to go bankrupt?"

Sheryl came out from the inner room and looked at the women indecisively. She sneered. Those people's minds were in a total mess even before that moment came.

"Secretary Sheryl, I'm sorry! Now everyone in th

a gave a soft smile. Although she was nearly one hundred years old, time did not leave any trace on her face. She was still charming when she raised her arms and stood.

"Well said, the host. But when it comes to the financial resources of Qi group, I have to make it clear to everybody. We will do our best to make up for it. I hope you won't be disappointed.

Qi group is a company which believes in good faith, and it won't let everyone's hard-earned money be wasted! "

With a light sneer, Terence pressed the pause button. He fixed the picture on Ramona, touching the remote control with a strange look.

"What do you think about this piece of news? We all know the financial situation of Qi group. "

"Mr. Terence, for this accident, our public relations department didn't deal with it in time. We would work hard to make up for it!"

The director of public relations department stood up with a guilty face. His face was pale and bluish because of staying up late last night.

"You don't have to blame yourself too much. We all know why it happened!"

Terence chuckled, and glanced over the empty seat, his eyes filled with coldness.

"All right, the meeting is over today! It's meaningless to discuss this matter. We'd better keep our own business! "

Then, he stood up and left. Leaving others sitting there, confused. The meaning in his words was too profound, and they did not dare to go into it.

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