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   Chapter 183 Jump from a building

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A piece of disdain flitted over Terence's eyes as he stopped. When he turned around and saw the expectant eyes of Nelson, he looked neither sad nor happy, as if what he said had nothing to do with him.

"Mr. Nelson! The opportunity is always too fleeting. Don't you think it's too late to talk about the money now? Besides, stop your hypocritical face!

Qi group has not fallen into the decline and can only be saved by selling myself. It is normal that your wishful thinking does not come true. Two days later, I will hold a general shareholder's meeting, completely alienating you from the shareholders. Please look out for yourself! "

The fake smile of Nelson disappeared instantly. The ferocious looking man rushed forward, but was easily stopped.

"How dare you!"

Holding Nelson's wrist, Terence put forth his strength. He gave an indifferent look at Nelson who was making threatening gestures. This old fox was finally driven mad. He felt so happy to see this!

"You are wrong, Mr. Nelson. You are the one who bullied the junior. Isn't it a little inappropriate for you to blame me now?"

When he finished, Nelson's face was colorful with complex feelings. His wrist was gripped hard, but he couldn't get rid of it.

"I won't let you off!"

"I've heard this for more than a hundred times. Mr. Nelson, could you please say something new and cruel?"

Terence let go of Nelson's hand and sniffed. He slowly approached him, with his Phoenix eyes squinted. He had put too much patience in dealing with the father and daughter of the Ning family.

"I have something to do, so I won't accompany you."

Hearing this, Sheryl, who had been watching from the beginning, hurried to catch up with Terence with a file in her hand.

"Mr. Terence, this is the project budget. Check it and see if there is any problem."

Nelson stared fiercely at Terence, and his eyes stuck out. Blue veins stood out on the back of his hand. When he just joined Qi group, in order to find a backer and fall in love with his daughter, he suddenly became strong

. She explained briefly, though his voice was still shivering.

Terence showed a cold face and sharp eyes. He calmly stood up and walked out.

"Block the news as much as possible and inform the fire department to come for rescue!"

Victor sat on the edge of the building and felt dizzy, looking at the building dozens of meters high. The building was crowded with people, raising their heads anxiously. He flapped the red banner in his hand.

"Pay back the money, Qi group!"

He looked anxiously at the direction of the stairs. His voice was a little hoarse, but he still shouted desperately.

"Give me the money! Terence Qi!"

Terence came to the roof slowly and looked at that man with an indecisive look on his face. "Victor, come down. We can have a talk!"

"There is nothing to talk about between us. Give me the money back as soon as possible!" Victor looked at Terence with excitement and was about to fall down.

"If Qi group is lack of money, why did you contract for such a big project. That's all my belongings! For nothing. I will curse you to death! "

As soon as he finished saying that, he jumped up, the banner in his hand drew a bright arc in the air.

"Ah!" There was a cry from the crowd. Victor had already been on the ground. The winding blood spread from him to the surrounding, wetting the fresh red banner, which was appalling.

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