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   Chapter 181 A quarrel

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When Yam finally stepped out of the building of the Yi Feng Group, she was no longer wearing an angry face. She came to the car parked, opened the door in a good mood and looked back at the building.

"Melody, I will trust you again!"

A tall figure was standing by the window. It was not until the sports car disappeared that a disdainful smile appeared on her face. Melody took a sip of coffee. She felt a little thirsty because of the conversation.


In the ward of the hospital, the whole room was full of sunshine and quiet. Hester's eyelashes trembled as she opened her sleepy eyes. Confused, she looked at the ceiling. The memory slowly came back.

'Yes, I'm in the hospital now.' She stayed up all night and felt a little pain in her ear, so she came to see Brother Austin, but after that...

"Are you awake? How did you feel? Do you still feel pain in your ears? "

He smiled at Hester at the sight of her waking up.

Hester turned to look at him and sighed helplessly. She felt that her body was really getting worse and worse, and she even fainted all of a sudden.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry to have worried you. "

Austin nodded casually and slowly sat beside her. He used the back of his hand to touch her forehead, and then his frown became smooth. He had been worried that the fever would cause complications, but luckily it didn't happen.

"You are too weak to take care of yourself. Besides, you just had a surgery. As a result, you are too weak. As long as you take good care of yourself, your body will be fine. "

He knew what she was worrying about through her look. He glanced at the phone on the table and remembered the strange number.

"Well, someone called you before. I was afraid that he had something urgent to deal with, so I answered it for you. But he seemed a little unhappy and hung up directly. Remember to make an explanation on the phone. In case of unnecessary trouble! "

Hester raised her hand to pick up the phone and opened the contact list. She was touching that familiar number, lost in thought.

but couldn't fall asleep at all. He kept thinking about that phone call, which made him furious.

He had been waiting for nearly five hours, but she didn't call him back. It made him feel frustrated and angry. What the hell was she thinking?

Hester stood at the entrance of the villa, tightly grabbing the hem of her clothes, looking inside uneasily.

"Should I explain it or not?"

She muttered to herself, thinking about that call. She called him back, but his phone was off.

As she entered the villa, she happened to see the man who was walking down the stairs. The topic returned to her mind and she stood at the side with her head bowed.

"Welcome back, Terence. Well, I... "

With a cold face, Terence walked to the sofa and sat down elegantly. He ignored Hester at the door all the time, as if she did not exist.

Hester's hands were tightly twisted together, warning herself not to let tears fall. She was not wrong. Why did it look like that she had made a big mistake?

Moreover, it should be her to be the one to question him, shouldn't it? Shouldn't he give her an explanation as he didn't come back for the whole night?

She was angry for he was still sitting there with a cold look. She stood in front of him and looked at him. She then put aside her explanation, thinking about why he didn't come back last night.

'Was he in the company?'

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