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   Chapter 180 Settle accounts

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Yam was restless until dawn. Finally, she was too angry to pick up her handbag and drove away in an imposing manner. Her face hurt slightly, reminding her of her stupidity.

The tires rubbed against the ground heavily and the car was parked in a zigzag way under the building of the Yi Feng Group. One of the employees stared at the red car in surprise. He didn't know who was so arrogant.

In a red dress, Yam exuded an air of authority. The 10cm high-heeled shoes made her feet bring wind when walking.

"Miss, do you have an appointment?" Looking at Yam's angry face, the receptionist walk to her with a big smile.

She pushed the receptionist aside and raised her head haughtily. She looked disdainfully at the people around her. The blazing anger in her heart had made her lose her reason.

"Fuck off! Why should I make an appointment to see that bitch Melody? "

She got rid of them, pressed the elevator button and rushed into the room. She had never suffered this kind of humiliation since she was a child. She must let Melody pay a hundredfold for it.

"Miss, you can't go in! Miss Melody is having a meeting! Why don't you wait in the reception room? "

With an anxious face, Ada followed her and tried to stop her. Obviously, she was here to make trouble. She must stop her!

"Fuck off!" Wearing a ferocious face, Yam pushed Ada away. She raised her foot and kicked open the door of the meeting room. When she looked at Melody who was in the front, her face became extremely cold.

"You bitch!"

When Yam rushed to her, Melody looked calm. "I'm sorry! I have some misunderstandings to explain to her. The meeting is cancelled now! "

After saying these words in a graceful manner, she stood up and grabbed Yam's wrist with a little more strength. She felt her intense emotion and slowly approached her ear.

"Go to my office! I'll explain everything to you! "

"Don't try to deceive me again. You are such a despicable woman. I'm sure that I have made a wron

. You can't always not pay, just ask for return!

Although it was my fault this time, it was all because of our common plan! As long as the problem have been solved, Terence will be grateful to me, and he will listen to me at least. Then, it will be easier for me to drive Hester away. "

Hearing Melody's words, Yam's eyes were slightly trembling. Although Melody's words were very good, in the final analysis, it was her trap. She couldn't think it through.

"It sounds so reasonable. After all, you did it just for your own good."

Melody held her arm and frowned. "Yam, I'm not 100% sure that I have no selfish motives. But my starting point is good. You can't deny it!

We had a pleasant cooperation back then. You can't just randomly wipe it out! The priority now is to remove Hester. We can't fight against each other.

After this thing is over, I will find another way. You can relax! I won't let you give up in vain. I will make Hester leave, and then we will compete fairly! "

Melody's eloquence made Yam trust her. She understood that there was no free lunch in the world.

She looked at Melody with a cold face and said in an uncertain tone, "Really?"

"Of course it's true. As long as we plan it later, we will definitely succeed. Don't worry!" Said Melody in a firm tone, holding Yam's hand tightly.

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