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   Chapter 169 Getting sick

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6919

Updated: 2020-02-24 05:44

Looking at Hester who was seriously practicing, Austin smiled and silently accompanied her, watching her progress.

Three hours had passed, Hester was soaked in sweat, but she was still training, and it seemed that she was not going to stop at all.

With his eyebrows furrowed. He quickly walked up to her and straightened her body. Worry was written all over Austin's face.

"Hester, you have just begun. Don't be too impatient. Today's training is over. You can go back to your room. "

Gripping Austin's arm tightly, Hester smiled happily. Although practicing was very hard, she really heard the voice. She didn't want to give up. She wanted to hear the voice.

"Brother Austin, just let me practice for a while! I heard the sound clearly. I want to hear the sound more clearly, and I don't want to slow down. "

Austin looked at Hester with patience. He couldn't refuse her request. He sighed slightly and nodded. Her happiness was his happiness, there was no doubt.

"Okay! I will accompany you to practice, it doesn't matter how long it will take! "

Hester looked at Austin with a breath of relief.

"Thank you!"

Accompanied by Austin, Hester was held back to the ward after one day's training. Her clothes were already wet with sweat, but she was still wearing a smile on her face.

Hester said excitedly, nestling in Austin's arms. Although it was hard that she had been trained for a whole day, the voice heard by her was clearer than before.

Murmured Hester. She couldn't restrain the excitement in her heart. Gradually, her eyes became more and more heavy and she fell asleep.

"Brother Austin, I heard the sound. I was so happy to hear it..."

Looking at Hester's sleepy face, Austin sighed softly. Then he carefully put Hester on the bed and covered her with the quilt. He fluttered his eyelids and ran his fingers through the messy hair near her ear.

"As long as you are happy!"

Hester woke up early the next morning. She excitedly ran to the rehabilitation room to refine. When the familiar pain came to her, she d

ou never care about her. Why do you restrict my freedom?"

"It seems that last time's lesson is not enough!"

"Too many things are more important than Hester for you. You don't love her at all!"

"Huh! You don't have to comment on my affairs. As for you, please restrain your emotion! "

One hour later, Terence, dressed in a well-fitting suit, opened the door and slowly walked away. He looked as elegant and noble as ever, but there was always a hint of weirdness in his manner.

"Dr. Austin, what's wrong with you? You look strange. " The head nurse frowned as she saw Austin walk slowly with his hand on his waist.

Austin took a deep breath to avoid her touching him. He forced a smile and nodded slightly.

"I just bumped my forehead. I'm fine. Go ahead with your work."

After returning to the ward, Terence sat on the edge of the bed carefully. Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead. He raised his hand to touch her forehead and took a deep breath.

He was so entangled with the business of the company that he couldn't get rid of it. When he finished his work, he rushed over, but he didn't expect to see that scene. But fortunately, he had given vent to his anger.

"Hester, sorry, I'm late."

He was so tired that he fell asleep on the bed. He hadn't slept for three days in a row. He had reached his limit and soon fell into a deep sleep.

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