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   Chapter 168 Recover

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Austin looked down at Hester's pale face, clenching his palm. He took a deep breath and the scene that she was stubborn and tolerant almost emerged in his mind.

His Hester was, of course, strong. He bent over and checked her body, relieved.

"The operation was successful and she recovered well! The next rehabilitation exercise will be even more difficult. I'll always keep an eye on it and change the rehabilitation plan at any time. "

Upon hearing this, Terence raised his head to look at him with gratitude. Although he couldn't forgive his feelings for Hester, he was willing to let her listen to the sound of the world again because of his persistence.

"Thank you, Dr. Austin!"

Austin's smile froze on his face as he put the pen in his pocket. He looked at him and thought it was funny.

"That's what I should do!"

Then he turned around and left the ward. Although he wanted to stay at Hester's side, he still restrained himself. With a sigh, he returned to her office.

Hester was lying in bed, looking at the sky outside the window. With a smile at the corners of her mouth, she was in a good mood. It had been a week since she had the surgery. She was very surprised to hear sounds.

A slight sound came. As she turned around, she met Terence's gaze. The corners of her mouth lifted.

"You're back."

Terence nodded and approached her slowly. He put the fruits on the table, opened the lunch box and placed it in front of her.

"It seems that you have almost recovered. We can talk with Dr. Austin about your rehabilitation."

Hester had been holding her breath to notice the sounds outside these days. She lifted her lips and smiled like a child. All the sounds were strange to her.

Hester nodded at him and bowed her head to eat. Although she could hear people's voice, it was obscure. As if it was covered by a veil.

"Okay! I will take good care of myself these days, then I don't have to work too hard in rehabilitation. "

Raising his hand, he wiped the rice off the corner of her mouth. A smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. Terence's phone buzzed in his pocket. He stood up and walked out of the ward. He frowned at the sight of the call

nt of gloom flashed through his eyes. Was she waiting for Austin?

He had already perfectly hidden his emotions when he faced Hester again. He walked slowly to her and looked at her with his eyes full of love.

"Why are you so happy today? Do you have any good news?"

Hester's eyes were blurred as she stared at Terence, feeling unreal. Her face was slightly red, but she was unable to control her emotions.

"Yes! I can recover now. I'm waiting for Brother Austin to take me there! "

With eyes slightly narrowed, Terence slowly said with a smile, "That's really a good news. I'll go with you later!"

Hester nodded slightly, with a smile on her face. Austin came over soon and was surprised to see Terence. But he soon recovered himself and took them to the rehabilitation room.

Austin turned around and looked at Hester with a smile. He raised his hand and patted her shoulder, comforting her.

"It might hurt a little, hold on!"

"Don't worry! I can do it! " Hester nodded, took a deep breath and entered the room. She closed her eyes and began to practice her rehabilitation.

She almost shouted in pain, but she still bore the pain without a word.

Hester's forehead was sweating. She took a deep breath repeatedly to adjust her rhythm. The pain brought by the rehabilitation almost drove her crazy.

And Terence had to leave because he received a call from Melody. Hester exhaled and continued her rehabilitation. She did not cower.

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