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   Chapter 167 After the operation

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Standing outside the operating room, Terence stared at the dazzling light and felt nervous. Although Hester had been persuaded to enter the operating room, two hours had passed, and there was no movement at all. It was extremely worried.

He sat on the chair in fret and looked down at his hand. There was bloodstain on it, which was a sign of her nervousness before.

'I hope you can hear my voice when you wake up!'

The light in the operating room was turned off. Austin took off his mask. His eyes were red. Fortunately, he finally completed the operation.

"The operation was successful. Now, it depends on the condition of her recovery. When she woke up, she could vaguely hear some voices.

However, once the strength of the anesthetic was overcome, it would be very painful. She got her ears damaged because of the drug, so I agree to let her use painkillers. You have to take good care of her.

Then a very painful rehabilitation will be carried out. Don't worry. I will carefully observe the situation beside and tried to adjust the plan and make her hear as early as possible. "

Watching Hester being wheeled out of the operation room, Terence nodded slightly. He walked quickly to her, held her hand and blew a mouthful of stale air out.

He smiled and even his hair was immersed in joy. He never knew that what she did or said would affect his heart.


Shocked by Terence's sincere smile, Austin stood still, his head bowed, and looked at Hester's face. No one knew what he was thinking about.

Hester was transferred to the ward. Due to the effect of the anesthetic, she was still in a coma. With great concern, Terence took a seat beside her. He wanted to be the first one whose voice be heard by her when she woke up.

When Sheryl came to the hospital with documents, she saw the tender look of Terence, somewhat absent-minded. How could Mr. Terence have such an expression? It's so horrible.

With eyes downcast, she hid her panic and handed the documents to him.

"Mr. Terence, these are urgent documents and they need your signature!"

He looked at Hester with

s so obvious that she cooled down instantly.

"I'm back, Terence."

"Yes!" With a soft answer, Terence turned his eyes at Hester, who was lying on the bed, uneasily.

"I have something to deal with. I'm hanging up."

"Beep! Beep! ……" Standing in the crowded hall, Melody tightened her grip. "Ah!" She screamed out.

She put on her sunglasses and left elegantly, as if the woman who had just shouted was not her.

She had always got what she wanted. This must be the way it was!

Terence had been accompanying Hester at the hospital. She finally fell asleep with a pale face. She was wet, as if she was soaked in water.

He carefully took off her wet and sweaty clothes and helped her change into clean ones. He sat there and looked at her quietly, taking a deep breath.

Fortunately, she survived.

When Austin pushed the door in, he saw the warm scene. His eyes darkened and he tried to hide his emotions.

The most important thing for him now was to cure Hester's ears, and other things would be discussed later.

"How is she? Is she okay? "

Without turning away from Hester, Terence nodded slightly. Although the process was very painful, she was very strong. From beginning to end, she didn't even utter a word of pain. She just endured it silently, which could not help but make people feel distressed.

"She just fell asleep! But she said she could hear the subtle sound. "

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