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   Chapter 166 The operation

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Lisa's words made Austin disappointed and his pleasure vanished into thin air. Next came endless anger. He took a deep breath and calmed down. Then he turned around, took out his phone and dialed a number.

The phone on the desk rang. Terence glanced at the caller ID. He raised his hand to gesture for the meeting to be suspended. He stood up and walked out of the meeting room.

"Has Hester's surgery time been decided?"

Taking a deep breath, Austin tried to hide his true feelings. He raised his head to look at the distant sky indifferently.

"Yes! The operation is set three days later. Tell Hester... Just tell Hester about this! "

A smile appeared on the corners of Terence's mouth. The stone in his heart finally settled down. He leaned against the wall, feeling relaxed in an instant. After waiting for so long, he finally waited.

"Okay! I'll tell her about it. Next, please take care of Hester in the operation. "

Terence said softly. It was hard to hear Terence's gentle tone like this. Austin knew it was for Hester's sake. Austin suddenly felt ridiculous. He took back his eyes indifferently. He couldn't even see her now?

"Well, even if you don't ask, I will give Hester special care."

After Austin finished, he turned around, looked at the villa, sighed, and left. He had planned to tell her the good news as soon as possible. The smile on her face almost appeared in his mind, but it was just a wishful thinking.

Leaning against the wall, Terence was playing with his mobile phone. Something flashed through his mind, and the corners of his mouth slightly turned up. What was she doing now? He turned around and saw the surprised look on Sheryl's face. The smile on his lips soon disappeared.

"Put off the meeting for two hours. I have something urgent to deal with."

"Yes! Mr. Terence! " Sheryl replied respectfully. As a qualified secretary, she should learn to restrain her curiosity. She had always done very well, and naturally she was the only female secretary who had been in office for the longest time.

Sitting in the car, Terence stared at the cars that blocked

ad been so dependent on him.

"Don't worry. Dr. Austin will try his best to restore your hearing. You go to the operating room obediently. You will hear the sound when you wake up. "

Hester was holding Terence's hand, reluctant to let it go, although he was seldom so gentle. It was an unknown world inside which she didn't know what would happen, but she tried her best to find a support.

She had failed again and again, and she had lost the courage to face the reality.

"I quit. Let's go home, okay?"

With eyes turning dark, Terence took a deep breath. He wiped the tears from her face and sighed.

He was more concerned about her than helpless. He knew that she wanted to hear the voice again, so he couldn't let her lose the chance just because of his sympathy.

"I'll wait outside. Don't be afraid! Just have a good sleep. When you woke up, everything will be fine. "

He tried to let go of her hand, but failed.

"Hester, listen to me!"

Hester furrowed her eyebrows and looked at him obediently. But she wouldn't let him go. Her tears soaked the hair near her ear.

"No way! I want to go home. I don't want to stay here! "

Austin witnessed the whole process, and he tightened his hand. He was not so excited anymore. When did they get along so well?

He raised his hand with a familiar smile. He looked into Hester's eyes and said softly, "Rest assured! I'll cure your ears! "

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