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   Chapter 165 Infertility

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The doctor stopped writing, and a flash of fear flashed through his eyes. As a doctor, he had never seen a patient so calm.

"Miss, it is a life after all. Don't you think about it?"

Yam snorted as if she had heard something funny. She squinted her eyes and raised the corners of her mouth. Her own business is not up to others to judge.

Besides, Terence knew that this child was not his without consideration. Now that she could not use it to win back his heart. Besides, she was going to marry Terence, so this child was just a drag on her. She couldn't keep it!

"Life? "It's up to me. Why should I keep an useless object?"? It will only be a stumbling block to my feet! "

The doctor frowned at the cold woman in front of him.

"Although it is unpleasant to get pregnant before marriage, there are still many single mothers nowadays. Miss, would you like to think about it? "

Yam squinted at him impatiently. She leaned forward and forced herself to get close to the doctor.

"Don't you understand me? I say, this baby can't be born! "

"Miss, calm down! We haven't do any examination yet. So it's not sure whether you are pregnant. Maybe it's just that you have a stomachache! "

The doctor interrupted her, with sweat coming out from his palms. It was the first time that he had seen someone so indifferent, outrageous.

"Well, you take the prescription to do a test first, and then decide if you want to keep this baby or not!"

With a cold face, she took the form from the doctor. Then she stood up and left. If she was not pregnant, she would have saved a lot of trouble!

According to the doctor's instructions, after checking all the items, she took the test list back to his office and threw it on the table.

"These are the test results. Read them quickly. Don't waste my time!"

Frowning and taking the form, the doctor couldn't help but glance at her. Looking at her gentle, beautiful and dignified face, how

er cast a stern glance at the doctor. Then, he walked up to her, shaking his head and sighing.

"Don't comfort her. From now on, you may never be a mother."

Yam's mind was in a mess and she didn't know what she was feeling now. She just felt that she had lost something all of a sudden which was hard to explain.


She put her hand on her lower abdomen and felt the temperature. Yam couldn't help crying. She thought she had a chance to win Melody, but now she had to watch herself lose the chance. What a hateful thing!

She had never taken Melody seriously because she couldn't be pregnant. How could Terence marry a woman who couldn't be pregnant? And she always thought she would be his wife.

"Damn it! If so, aren't I going to lose my only advantage? "

At this moment, taking advantage of Hester's physical condition, Austin finally decided on the surgery plan and time. He was in such a good mood that even his eyebrows were tinged with a smile.

He took up his coat and went out of the office. He had to tell her in person for such a big surprise!

Dashing to the villa, he stood outside the door and met Lisa's gaze. He was so excited that the smile on his face was hard to hide.

"I'm sorry, Dr. Austin! I can't let you in without Mr. Terence's permission! "

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