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   Chapter 164 Anxiety

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Seeing Hester's gaze, Austin nodded slightly. "Don't worry! I'll cure your ears! "

Hester was excited at Austin's promise. She covered her heart with her hand tightly and couldn't help crying. She thought she would live like this, but today his words rekindled the hope in her heart.

"Really? Really? "

After Hester calmed down, Austin did a thorough examination for her. After he put the tools away, he looked up at Hester's hopeful expression, feeling helpless and distressed.

Even though she had emphasized over and over again during the inspection that it was unnecessary to force him, deep down in her heart, she must be eager to hear the voice?

"Don't worry! There is nothing wrong with your body, and your ears have a good chance of recovery. Don't worry!

I will discuss with the expert on your surgery plan when I come back. We can arrange the surgery then. What you need to do now is to adjust your mood and accept the operation in the best condition. "

Feeling relieved, Hester patted her chest. Her palms had been wet with sweat. She was eager to hear the voice, even just for a moment.

"Yes, yes! I will adjust my state of mind and wait for the surgery. "

Looking at Hester's smile, Terence was relieved. He held her in his arms, looked up at Austin and nodded slightly.

"Thank you, Dr. Austin! Hester and I will send you to the door! "

Seeing how intimate they were, he almost felt a blast in his heart. It was unfair that she was so cold to him now, but was so enthusiastic to him.

A wry smile tugged at the corner of Austin's mouth. It was too cold-blooded of Terence to ask him to leave after making use of him.

"Hester... Hester, take care of yourself. I'll give you a reply soon. "

Looking at Austin with reluctance, Hester's hands twisted together. She seemed to know what Austin had experienced these days. Although he was still smiling, his eyes were always covered with a layer of cloth, making people unable to see clearly.

"Brother Austi

ship with her. Now she called to tell him that she was pregnant. Wasn't it ridiculous?

"I'm busy! If there is nothing else, I have to go. "

What Terence said was like a basin of cold water pouring on her head. Yam took a deep breath and felt flustered. This was her last chance and she couldn't let it go.

"Terence, are you happy that I have our baby?"

'Daydreaming?' With these thoughts in mind, Terence raised his eyebrows and said, "Yam, do you really take me as a sitting duck?"

He ended the conversation instantly. Terence sneered, 'What a stupid woman!' It was her who had misbehaved and even wanted him to be her scapegoat.

"Hey! Hello! " The phone had been hung up. Hearing the sound, Yam became more anxious. Feeling ashamed into anger, she threw the phone on the ground and gasped.

"You pissed me off!"

She put her fingers on her belly. Or was it because she had eaten something wrong? With a quick response, she stood up from the bed. In a fluster, she grabbed her handbag and hurried out of the house.

She trotted all the way to the hospital, registered her registration, and went to the emergency room. She put her bag aside, took off her sunglasses and played with her phone.

"If I'm pregnant, please ask the doctor to give me an abortion! Since it's a useless tool. It's a burden to keep it! "

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