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   Chapter 161 Question Have Solved

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As they rushed back to the villa, Hester was put on the bed by Terence carefully, his look was rather frightening. He pushed the doctor to the bed.

"Cure her as soon as possible!"

The doctor was examining Hester's body, terrified. Terence's face was getting cold. He'd better be careful.

As the doctor held the quilt in his trembling hands, he

was stopped by Terence.

"What are you doing?"

The doctor frowned when he saw Terence's furious eyes. He had forgotten the boundary of gender as long as he became a doctor. But today, he was guarded like a pervert. He smiled bitterly in his heart.

"I need to see Miss Hester's wound first. Then I can make a plan of recovery."

Terence took a deep breath and pushed doctor away. Hester's body was about to be seen by the people in front of her, which made him feel strange.

How could his woman be seen by other men!

"Treat her with Chinese methods!"

The doctor stood still and couldn't believe his ears. But he had to obey Terence for the sake of being suppressed by him.

After checking carefully, Hester was put on a drip. The doctor wiped the sweat off his forehead with his hand.

He was a doctor of Western medicine. Why did he choose to diagnose her by feeling her pulse? His hands couldn't stop trembling under that killing eyes.

"Sir, Miss Hester is all right. She just suffered some fright and some malnourished. She will be fine after a little treatment. "

Terence nodded gently, and his worrying heart finally calmed down. He raised his hand and touched her forehead softly, with unprecedented tenderness in his expression.

She was too weak, he couldn't imagine how she go through these days.

"Get out, all of you!"

He gazed at her face affectionately. His nerves had been tensed all over, so the moment he relaxed, he fell asleep quickly. In particular, the smell of her body was more like the best hypnotist in the

, the key was that it was about Melody.

"Melody! Did she do all of this? Why? Why did she hurt me again and again! "

A hint of gloom flashed through Terence's eyes as he narrowed his eyes and held the upset girl into his arms.

He would let Melody pay for what she had done to Hester.

"Well, don't think too much. You are weak now. You need more rest. "

Hester looked at him with a solemn expression, after disengaging herself from his arms. 'If all of these were done by Melody, would he believe me if I told him that thing?'

Terence felt a little strange to be stared by her. With a sigh, he gently smoothed her hair.

"What's wrong?"

Hester hesitated, biting her lips. Pulling the corner of Terence coat, Hester took a deep breath and said slowly: "Can I trust you?"

Terence was shocked by her words. They didn't even trust each other? But recalling the past, he felt it ridiculous.

He treated her like that before. Why did he expect her to trust him?

Hester insisted, looking into his eyes. Her eyes flickered as hands held together tightly.

She was fidgety. If Terence couldn't answer this question, what was the point of her staying with him?

"Terence, if... If you have to make a choice between me and Melody... Who would you choose? "

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