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   Chapter 158 Failure

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Janet looked at the food on the table and gave a snort. She thought she would continue to resist. She didn't expect her to take the risk of suicide. She was really disappointed at her.

"The deadline of three days is over. You can just forget it since she hasn't thought it through. You'd better keep her alive. I won't do a losing business! "

Her finger with red nail polish fumbled Hester's cheek, her eyebrows knitted.

"Your skin is so rough. It's not worth it! Go and find someone to clean her up! "

The doctor standing beside nodded slightly and walked close with the medicine box. He took out the nutritious liquid, added some sedative on it and hung it on the bedside table.

His nerves had become numb. He just picked up her hand mechanically and applied the disinfectant.

Hester opened her eyes when her hand was held. She struggled without hesitation. This feeling was too familiar. She didn't want them to use medicine to hang her life.

She had made up her mind to die and not to let others get what they wanted.

"Let me go!"

Regardless of her struggle, the doctor took out an injection and injected it into Hester's arm. He watched her move slower and slower until she closed his eyes.

After going through so much, he was capable of handling it skillfully. He finished the infusion as quickly as he could, got up and nodded at Janet.

"Don't worry. She won't die."

Her fingertips frivolously swept across his chin. Feeling that his body stiffened, Janet smiled coquettishly. So many years had passed, he did have a crush on her!

She wouldn't have kept him around if he was not a skilled doctor. However, there was a heartless dog that was not so bad.

"Of course, I trust you!"

The doctor's eyes flashed with attachment. He held her finger and gave her a kiss. 'I'm really happy that I can do something for the one I love.'

"As long as you are happy!"

Hester had been in a daze for the past few days, knowing that she was unable to resist at all. It might be because of the doctor. She could not open her eyes though she had consciousness.

She s

er hand, stood up and made a circle as if checking the commodity.

It seemed that she was really going to make a fortune this time!

"Let's go! The auction is about to start. You will be the last one on the stage tonight. I'm sure you will make everyone be in amazement! "

She forced Hester to go out in a rough manner. Janet said excitedly. She wanted to arrive the auction venue as soon as possible so that she could have a chance to raise the price.

Hester was held by Janet tightly, and her eyebrows furrowed. She tried to get rid of her control.

She didn't want to go to the auction house, which must be more like the hell.

"Let me go! I won't let you have your way. "

Janet snorted with disdain. She increased the strength of her hand. In this industry, if she didn't learn a few skills, how could she protect herself?

"Don't waste your energy. I've practiced it."

Hester stuttered all the way to the door, her heart racing. She knew clearly what would be waiting for her behind the door, so she just stood there stiff.

After taking a deep breath, she knelt in front of Janet.

"Janet, please let me go! Please!"

Janet gave Hester a glance. She bent over and looked at her with her fingers slightly waving. She couldn't help but laugh. Did she look like a holy mother so she used this trick?

"That's how I make money. Do you think I can let you go in this way?"

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