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   Chapter 154 Being kidnapped

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6779

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The people in the street looked at each other, not understanding what happened just now? Was this a kidnapping in broad daylight?

People always believed that the less trouble the better. So in a tacit way, they would forget it and then leave to do their own things.

Hester separated from the world of self, looking at the strong men in front of her with fear. She was on the street, but why was she suddenly taken to the car?

"Who are you? Why did you take me to the car? "

The several strong men in the car observed Hester in unison, with different expressions. They seemed to be looking at a product and estimated her value.

"Is she deaf?" The man raised his eyebrows, looked at Hester, and gently stroked his chin.

"Deaf?" The other man frowned in surprise. "What a pity! She looks so cute!"

The man in the co pilot turned his head and glanced at Hester. He slightly waved his hand and smiled.

"Why do you care so much? You only have to catch the right person."

"But it's strange that a deaf person offends others!" The man snorted as if he had heard a joke.

"Shut up!"

The man frowned and interrupted them. He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and covered Hester's mouth.

The smell was so pungent that she felt her head dizzy and her consciousness was gradually fading away. When she was in a coma, she vaguely heard that she had offended someone. She tried her best but didn't see the shape of the name from the person's mouth.

"Or send her directly to..."

She bit her lips, trying to calm down, but failed.

She was confused. She didn't like to go out as she couldn't hear and she had no friends. She seldom contacted with outsiders, let alone enemies. Then who on earth had sent people to catch her?

In her dream, it was dark, and there was a child crying sadly and shrilly. Blood poured down from the sky and dyed her into a blood woman. She struggled to leave, and her nose was filled with the smell of blood.

"Mom, help! Help me! "

She covered her ears,

lighter in the woman's hand flickered, and the flicker of light on her face was very strange.

"Don't be afraid, miss! Our club is a serious business. We wear sexy clothes since it's a nightclub. "

Hearing what she said, Hester's face relaxed. But she was still worried that her body pressed against the head of the bed, her chest heaving violently.

"Wow! We are going to have some new members! " A woman with heavy makeup pushed the door in, and her clothes couldn't even cover her exposed skin.

The middle-aged woman turned around with a smile, pulling all her curly hair behind her. Her face flashed a trace of greed.

Although there was a scar on her stomach, it did not affect the beauty at all. Right now, those rich people all liked the special addiction. Anyway, we could earn money from her!

"I have a good luck! Although she is a deaf woman, many rich men are fond of her now. It seems that she can make a fortune again. "

The woman was surprised, she looked at Hester and smiled. "Congratulations,"

The middle-aged woman nodded, turned around and slowly approached Hester. She took out a file from the cabinet and put it in front of her.

"People always say that no reward is received no return, but I'm just an ordinary person. Since I have saved you, should you also repay me? Here is a document. Sign it now! "

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