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   Chapter 151 Take care of Terence

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Hester's hand holding the porridge tightened, and she looked at Melody resentfully. Taking a deep breath and trying her best to control her emotions, she turned around and ignored her.

With her eyes squinted, Melody stepped forward to stop Hester. Melody looked arrogant. The way she looked at her liked she was looking a clown.

She raised her hand with the nourishment and the well packed dessert, frowning slightly.

"You are just a servant. You are so rude! But I will not be so childish like you!

But I won't agree to let him eat these things! This kind of vulgar thing is not worthy of Terence. Just like you, you are never qualified to stand by his side.

What he needed were high-grade drugs that could help him take care of his body while maintaining a healthy diet! I advise you not to go in and make a fool of yourself. "

Hester's hand was trembling, and she looked at her with a frown. Her delicate face and perfect figure could not be more perfect. But why was her heart so dirty!

She was totally blinded by the desires at that time. Only in this way could she feel that Melody was gentle and beautiful, and that she would treat her wholeheartedly.

"Melody, don't think you are superior to others! You look beautiful, but you are dirty inside. It's really disgusting! "

"Hester, you bitch! You... "

She looked at Hester in a rage. Before she finished speaking, she was forced to stop. Only because the closed door was opened, Terence, in pajamas, looked at them morbidly.

"I heard that you are sick, so I come here especially to see you! How are you? Are you feeling better? "

Melody's ferocious expression was instantly replaced by a decent smile. She behaved elegantly, which was a typical example of the gentlewomen.

Though she was in a fret, she had to maintain her good image in front of Terence.

Terence nodded to greet her, and his eyes fell directly on Hester. He frowned and raised his hand to rub his temple.

His stomach was in a ter

hearing what Melody said, the look on Terence's face suddenly changed. He looked at Melody with a complicated look in his eyes. Sometimes, even he couldn't figure out what she was thinking.

Hester was right here. Was she questioning her face to face? Not having the heart to see her being embarrassed, Terence nodded slightly and his eyes darkened.

"Melody, I'm a patient now. I don't have business to talk with you!"

Stunned, Melody looked at Terence and smiled bitterly. It seemed that what she did yesterday was radical, which misled his idea.

"Sorry, I should have been more thoughtful! Can I borrow your study? There's a video meeting later and I've decided to come to see you temporarily. Is that too much? "

Terence nodded gently, and smiled. Melody was a smart woman. She knew he didn't want to talk about that so she quickly changed the subject.

"As you like!"

She turned around and walked out of the room. She completely isolated herself from the scene inside, took a deep breath, and a hint of darkness flashed through her eyes.

With a soft sigh, he lifted up Hester's chin with his hand and looked at Hester's eyes with a slight chagrin. Although he didn't know what had happened between her and Melody, he was still unhappy that she cared more about Melody.

"I'm a patient. Take it seriously!"

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