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   Chapter 148 It Can't Be Her

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Stared by Hester, Terence panicked. The look in her eyes was too grievous, as if she had lost all her vitality, dead gray.

He grabbed her by the arm fiercely. He had never felt so frustrated about anyone except her.

She used to be the person he disdained most. Was this his retribution? Unfortunately, he has never believed in fate, let alone retribution.

"Answer me!"

Hester took a deep breath and felt a pain from the wound of her elbow. But what hurt her more was his question. She just looked at Terence quietly as if she did not look at him.

Upon looking this, Terence got a little annoyed. He just wanted her to deny that she had nothing to do with it. Why was it so hard for her? Sure enough, he spoiled her too much, making her feel too good, and even looked down on him.

He pushed her on the bed and left the room. Since she didn't want to talk about it, he wouldn't force her.

Lisa went up to Hester and rolled up her sleeve. Her wound had just healed, but now it was bleeding. Lisa sighed and applied medicine to her wound silently.

She had thought that Hester was weak and would return to its previous appearance after she was out of pain. Out of her expectation, Hester was so stubborn this time. She didn't know how to console Hester.

"Lisa, you can leave now! I am going to sleep. "

Hester said softly, looking up at Lisa with mixed feelings. She looked indifferent, as if she was not the one who was hurt.

When she heard the sound of door closing, she raised her hand and turned off all the lights. Hester curled up on the bed, tightly holding the quilt. After experiencing so many things, she was no longer Hester before.

She would not be playing up to Terence anymore and treat him with utmost care for fear that he would be unhappy. Maybe from the very beginning, there was no fairness between them.

Because she loved him, she could try her best to minimize herself, take good care of him, and only care about him. She almost forgot her own feelings.

After the miscarriage, she could feel the change of Terence's attitude towards her. But every

omfort, Mike said softly while narrowing his eyes. His heart was overwhelmed by joy. He avoided the killing eyesight of Terence for fear of bursting into laughter.

"Now that Hester's baby is lost, she put the blame on Terence. In order to avenge her child, she contacted me and wanted to cooperate with me.

I thought she was poor and she could move conveniently, so I agreed. As long as she has the chance, she will sneak into his study room, steal the documents and hand them to me. "

After the interrogation, Terence, sitting beside, tried to restrain his feelings. Sitting on one side, Melody looked up at the policeman and nodded slightly.

Her eyes flashed a glimmer of light, and she looked at the two policemen resentfully. Her angry and discontent made people feel sorry for her.

"Although I treated Hester as my friend, I didn't expect her to be such a person. Since Mike has told you, please arrest her and make them learn their lesson so that they dare not to do such a thing again! "

The policeman said in a low voice, looking at Melody with sincere eyes.

"You are right, Miss Melody. This kind of person is hateful. We will enforce the law impartially and let them know what consequence it will bring to them."

Since Mike had admitted that Hester was his accomplice, Terence had to accept it even if he didn't believe it. This time, she can finally get rid of that bitch.

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