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   Chapter 147 Deepened the misunderstanding

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Hester climbed up from the ground with difficulty after slapping Melody's hand. The baby was lost because of her. She must take revenge.

She pounced on Melody without any hesitation, but fell on the ground as before. The pain spread all over his body. She lay on the ground and had no strength at all.

"Miss Melody, why are you here?"

Lisa put the glass aside and held Hester up, let her sit

at the bed. She looked up at Melody with displeasure.

Many big things had happened since the woman moved in. She was afraid that this woman would hurt Hester subconsciously.

A tinge of danger flashed through Melody's eyes. She turned around and looked at Lisa with an innocent look, frowning slightly. Avoiding Hester's gaze, she smiled.

"I'm only worried about Hester's body. Then I come and have a look."

Lisa bowed her head and observed Hester's body trembling with a frown.

"It's late, Miss Hester needs to sleep, what about Miss Melody you leaving?"

Taking a deep breath, Melody forced a smile and shook her head.

"Look at me. I was too busy to watch Hester before. This time I forgot the time is improper. Hester, you sleep first. I'll go. "

When she came to the door, her face suddenly changed. 'Once I become the hostess here, I will fire Lisa immediately. It's none of her business, ' she thought.

With his eyelashes quivering, Terence opened his eyes slowly. Then he kneaded his temple. He frowned and wondered why he fell asleep in the car yesterday?

He tried to recall what happened yesterday, but all he saw was a shadow. Then he calmed down and fell asleep soon.

"Knock, knock! Are you awake, Terence? "

Melody's voice appeared at the door, interrupting his thinking. With eyes turning dark, he stood up and leaned against the bed.

"Come in!"

Melody opened the door and came in with breakfast in her hands. With a faint smile on her face, she walked in slowly and put it on the cabinet aside.

"Let's have breakfast first! The company's matters should be handled as soon as possible. We need to get back to work. "

"Melody, did I sleep in the car yesterday?"

He frowne

s enough. You can leave now!"

Terence raised his head and interrupted Melody. He was absolutely furious now. It was the taboo in his heart. He hated Hester and Mike to be placed together.

Although what Melody said was reasonable, he still believed Hester unconsciously. She would never do such a thing, no matter how much she hated.

Returning home with a serious expression, he walked into Hester's room. He stared at her thin figure, and a sense of struggle flashed through his eyes.

Seeing Lisa nodding her head, Hester turned around and looked at Terence's complex eyes. Feeling a pang in her heart, she put down her sleeve to cover the wound in the elbow.

Looking into her clear eyes, he took a deep breath and walked up to her. Anyway, he must find out the truth of the matter.

Although he believed that it was not her, he still wanted to hear her deny it in person.

"Did you give the documents to Mike?"

Hester sighed softly, looking at Terence's dark eyes with a smile. She was just a pawn in his heart. How could he trust her?

Today the servant found a document in her room, and she knew she couldn't get rid of the misbelief. But she always took chances. It didn't matter if everyone misunderstood her, as long as he was willing to believe her.

She was a little nervous when she turned around and saw Terence. Hester thought she was so stupid that she would believe him at this point.

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