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   Chapter 146 Company Crisis

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When she woke up in the morning, Terence had already left. Hester reached out her hand to stroke the bed sheet. Terence's body temperature was still at the tip of her finger. She sighed softly and closed her eyes, tears falling into the pillow.

Last night, in the dim light, his thin lips gently spat out "our child", which shocked her all over. She closed her eyes immediately, fearing that he would find something wrong.

She felt his chest shake and it hit her heart hard. Taking a deep breath, she tried to expel all those messy thoughts from her mind.

At the same time, Terence sat at the head of the meeting room, glancing at everyone coldly. Throwing the documents on the desk, he sighed slightly and looked serious.

On the LED TV ahead of them, the launch event of their opponent was being held. The venue was quite bustling and joyful.

"Thank you for coming to our new product launch event. I'm sure you have also noticed the decoration and are curious about our products! Next, let me introduce our products... "

Everyone was watching TV, with sweat on their forehead. Although the introduction of the new products was both excellent and attractive. However, for them, it was a big trouble on the way.

Holding the new products, the products in their hands were the same in appearance, function and highlights as the new products Qi group was going to launch. It was not too much to say they were worked by the same team.

But the research and development of the new products and plans were absolutely confidential, how could it be possible to disclose to the opponent casually? Is it because Qi group has commercial espionage and sold the plan to them?

Thinking a lot, everyone looked at each other and dared not speak. Everyone was deterred by the crisis and didn't dare to take the lead.

He pressed the remote control to turn off the TV. Terence sat at the head of the desk, tapping the table with his fingers. His expression was unreadable.

"I need an explanation!"

His eyes narrowed slightly as he scanned everyone's expressions. The competition in the business world was too severe and this was an indisputable fact.

But any confidential information leaked from his company would be a fatal blow to him. If h

new product plan was to provide for the upper class. But after remade, it became kind to the ordinary people that they had accepted it easily.

After the press conference, he handed over the whole mess to Aron. As he was good at this, he could also followed up the clue to find out who the big boss behind was.

After he got relaxed, he felt sleepy. Sitting in the car, Terence closed his eyes. Melody just smiling at him.

She took out the perfume from her bag and waved it gently. Terence, who was struggling to not sleep, turned his head and fell on her.

She took him back to the villa and asked the servant to send him back to his room. With a glance at Hester's room, she walked to the door of Hester's room and pushed it open.

She walked towards Hester slowly. She shook her hand in front of Hester's eyes and slightly raised the corners of her mouth.

"Long time no see! Hester, my friend! "

Hester was pouncing on Melody with an angry expression, but was dodged easily. She fell to the ground heavily and took a deep breath with her elbow hurting.

Melody slowly squatted down and lifted her chin. She was pleased at Hester's arrogance.

People had to have a strong sense of dignity. Bitch like her should know herself better not to get close to Terence. No, she was not even qualified to be his wife.

"Wow! How could you be so careless. Even if you are very excited to see me, you should be careful! You are so rash. No wonder you fell down the stairs. How poor you are! "

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