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   Chapter 144 Compelled

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 7118

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As if hearing something funny, Mike burst into laughter. He looked at Hester with his sinister eyes, feeling ridiculous.

'Why are she still defending him even though she has

suffered a lot? What on earth charm does Terence have?'

"You are too naive, Hester. People would change, wouldn't they? Even Mrs. Qi, who you always trust, betrayed you? If she hadn't made any will in her mind, you wouldn't have suffered so much.

Wake up! Terence doesn't love you at all. He just used you to get what he wants! Don't be so stubborn. He just likes Melody. They had fallen in love with each other since a long time ago.

Now that she was back, there was no need for him to be threatened by the will. As long as they get married, Qi group will firmly under the control of Terence, and you, of course, become abandoned. "

Hester couldn't accept this claim, looking at Mike with a dull look. Was that the reason why Melody was in such a hurry to get rid of her baby?

However, as a person who didn't like to depend on others, how could Terence let her do whatever she wanted. After listening to what Mike said, she was even more confused.

Seeing the perplexed look on her face, Mike smiled smugly. He grabbed Hester's shoulder, trying to persuade her to give up on her principles.

'As long as I can persuade her to cooperate with me, I will surely beat Terence.' Since Hester couldn't hear. He grabbed her shoulders tightly and forced her to look at his mouth shape.

"It's hard to accept the truth, but it's cruel. You have to accept it! Do you hate them? Then take a revenge! "

Hester retreated, causing the clothes on her shoulder to slip down. Her delicate clavicle appeared. Because she was wearing a shirt to cover herself today, and her thin figure was so likely to arouse men's desire.

Looking at Hester, with his eyes darkened, Mike was impulsive. He wanted to defeat Terence and occupy everything that belonged to him, including his woman.

He slowly approached Hester and the corner of his mouth rose slightly. Since Terence had gone out, Hester was too weak to defense herself, no one could sto

she ran into her room and got the spare key. Mr. Terence cared about Hester so much that he wanted to ensure that everything was all right.

Before the car stopped, Terence rushed out. He ran to the hall in one breath and saw the eardrum being picked up and put on the table. He squinted his eyes slightly.

He walked quickly to Hester's room and pushed the door, but he couldn't open it. He frowned tightly. He kicked the door open with force.


He grabbed Mike's collar and threw him on the ground. Shouted Terence as he kicked his belly.

Hester was lying weakly on the bed, and the fingermarks on her face were clear. She was dressed in a mess. He couldn't believe what would happen if he came a little late.

After a hard kick, Mike was painfully lying on the ground. He raised his eyes to look at the malicious and frightening expression on Terence's face, and looked at him in disbelief.

He came in only after seeing Terence leave. Why did he suddenly come back?

"Why did you come back, Terence? Didn't you go to negotiate the contract? "

Extremely angry, Terence smiled. Casting a glance at Mike, he took off his suit and put it over Hester. He rolled the shirt to his wrist and slowly approached.

Last time it was Melody. This time it was Hester. Did Mike really think that he was easy to deal with? It was unforgivable for him to rape Hester.

"Mike, you are a dead man!"

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