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   Chapter 141 The lunatic

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"Stop it!"

Endured it again and again, Terence took a deep breath. He frowned and looked at Hester with mixed feelings. There were a few wounds on his neck because of her struggle.

He had never seen this kind of Hester before, and he was now a little stunned. It was a big blow to her and he didn't know how to comfort her. And how should he talk about the divorce?

There were so many obstacles between them that they couldn't see the future clearly. Apart from their divorce, what bothered him more was that it was more of a knot in her heart, it would be hard to solve.

Melody stood at the door, looking at them with sinister eyes. She took a deep breath and tried to restrain her feelings.

Even if she had discovered that he was interested in Hester, she was still a little angry when she saw this with herself. No way! 'I can't keep this bitch any longer.'

As long as she was allowed to stay away from Terence, time would fade the seemingly invisible feelings. Just like what happened to her and Terence, their love fade with time.

Looking at Terence, Hester felt a little sad. She stopped struggling, with bitterness in her eyes.

Her wrist was gripped tightly and it hurt. She frowned and pushed him away when he was lost in thought. She stood up from the bed, facing Melody.

She remembered that day when she rolled down the stairs because of her, she just watched coldly how upset and depressed she was. In anger, Hester gritted her teeth and looked at Melody.

'If it weren't for her, how could my baby be in danger? It was all her fault!' Hester thought in mind!


Hester's eyes were red. She shouted and pounced on Melody. She was once noble and scornful, which irritated her.

If she hated someone, she, Melody Si, would be the one she hated most in her heart. She had trusted her so much, but what she got was such an end.

Since she lost the baby, she would let her pay with her life. Her baby was still so small. Why did she blame the adult's things on the innocent baby!

Hester had been determined to avenge her child, so regardless of anythi

tched her hand at her side, without saying a word.

After tucking her messy hair behind her ears, he sighed softly, squatted down and helped her put on her shoes. He walked to the door, looked at Hester with concern, and left with his head bowed.

He had to deal with business in the company and couldn't stay at home for too long. But he was worried about her safety. He raised his head to look at Lisa indifferently.

"Take good care of her! Don't make any more mistakes! "

"Yes! Mr. Terence! " She replied, standing at the door of Hester's bedroom. Lisa's heart slightly trembled. She was not at the scene when Hester was in danger. Mr. Terence had specially told her that if something went wrong again, she would directly quit.

"By the way, remember to let her eat on time and don't step out of the villa!" After walking a few steps, Terence turned around and warned her.

If he hadn't come back in time today, she would have left long ago. Hester was very excited today, and he was afraid that she would leave at any time.

Lisa nodded at him with a gleam shining in her eyes. "Yes, sir!"

Hester sat quietly at the bedside, maintaining her posture. She looked at the shoes on her feet and closed her eyes in pain.

She took a deep breath to hold back the tears in her eyes. The two hands clasped together. The fingernails were embedded in the palms, but she didn't feel any pain.

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