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   Chapter 139 A broken heart

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He took a look at the documents and then closed his eyes. Divorce her was only a temporary measure. He would handle these things well when the company's affairs stabilized.

For Hester, he was very clear that he wouldn't easily give up her. But would she still treat him as before?

When seeing this, Melody's eyes became cold. Because of the coldness of Terence right now. Was it because she was too urgent to do that and it had been flawed?

If so, the loss would outweigh the gains. She frowned irritably. No, she needed to find a way! She had tried hard to shake off Hester. She wouldn't let him hate her!

Terence looked at Melody indifferently. A hint of impatience flashed through his eyes.

"I want to have a rest. You can go back now!"

Her body was a little stiff. Melody smiled unnaturally. But she still nodded gracefully, "Okay!"

On her way back, she had passed Hester's ward. She had a look through the crack of the door and left with a smile. Hester must hate Terence very much now.

'It doesn't matter. The more you hate him, the more I'll win. Don't disappoint me, Hester, my good friend.' Melody thought.

Hester stared at the sky blankly, holding the divorce agreement and the share transfer agreement tightly in her hand. She felt that her blood had been solidified. She was suffocated.

Tears trickled down her cheeks, and the back of her hand was black and blue. She got so emotional that the needle missed its target and her hand was bleeding. When the nurse came in, she quickly dealt with it and did not let Hester move, otherwise it would be troublesome.

The wound opened again, and the blood stained the patient clothes. Hester did not tell the nurse. She lied there quietly, without saying or moving, like a doll.

Since she woke up, Terence hadn't come yet, but left only cold paper. Was this how much she was worth to him? To get pregnant and inherit the family property?

At first, she felt painful through her heart, then she got numb. She was used to it, wasn't she? Hester was always a rubbish. No one would care about her.

The nurse looked at the untouched food and sighed.

Head n

t to separate them from each other, but she couldn't make him have dinner or rest.

Hester was no longer useful. Even though she was disabled, what did it matter? She knew she would be the one to lose as long as Terence missed her.

Terence shook slightly and passed out. But when he was about to fall down, Melody quickly held him into her arms, and her eyes were filled with coldness.

He was a man who cherished the old. If anything passed by, he would inevitably be sad. Since he could remember her for so many years, he must love her. As for Hester, it was just a kind of habit.

"Hurry up! Help! Take him to the ward!"

When he opened his eyes, it was already at night. Terence raised his hand and pulled out the needle, passed over Melody and walked to the corridor.

He cautiously opened the door and was relieved to see Hester closing her eyes. She was so skinny and now she had almost been the skeleton of her clothes.

The cheeks were high and bulged, with sunken eye sockets. The quilt covered her body and almost drowned her. His hand froze in midair. He didn't dare to touch her face.

His heart was choking with pain. The figure in front of him was a little vague. A drop of tear fell down, and it had messed up his face.

Though knowing that she couldn't hear his voice, he did his best to be cautious without any noise. He buried his head in the bed and the bed sheet was gradually wet by his tears.

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