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   Chapter 137 Downhearted

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"No way! I won't do such a thing! "

The doctor looked at the woman with disapproval. The situation inside was already very terrible, but she was still so ruthless. What kind of animosity was there between them that made her do this.

Hearing what Melody said, Sheryl was shocked. The more she thought, the more she was sure that Miss Hester's accident must have something to do with her. She was so ruthless.

"Miss Melody, Mr. Terence is now in a coma. You have no right to do this!"

Melody turned around and looked at Sheryl with a scowl. She glanced at Terence and approached her slowly.

She didn't give a damn about a secretary.

"Please know who you are. You have no right to interrupt me! What's more, I'm helping Terence. If you get involved and mess it up, you can't blame me for losing your job!

By the way, to remind you. If you offend the Qi group and Si family, I'm afraid you won't find a good job.

How about the loan from your family? Should your mother continue to receive her treatment? "

Scared by Melody's imposing manner, Sheryl stood there with a pale face. She took a deep breath and tightened her hand.

She couldn't lose this job, and her family still needed her to support, so she couldn't take any risk. 'I'm sorry, Miss Hester!'

"Sorry, I made a slip of the tongue. Please forgive me, Miss Melody!"

Melody snorted, turned her eyes to the doctor and grinned. She played with her phone and a glimmer flashed in her eyes.

"You must have known that this is Si family's property. I do have some prestige here. Now that you don't want to cooperate with me, I have to bother the director of the hospital to talk to you. "

The doctor's face turned pale. She looked familiar to him. He blamed himself for forgetting that she was a director of the hospital.

The doctor took a deep breath, looked at Melody, nodded his head and smiled apologetically.

"I'm so sorry that I didn't recognize you as Miss Melody! Since you have asked, I will do my best. Please wait for a moment! "

Melody felt better after she

bed slowly and picked up the documents. But before that there was a share transfer agreement. Is this the compensation? It seemed that her child was quite valuable?

She tossed the documents out heavily. Because of her force, the wound on her abdomen cracked open and oozed a slight bloodstain. She could not feel any pain, just sneering.

The nurse looked at the ward with hesitation and sighed.

"Shall we go in and have a look? There was a man who had kept an eye on her throughout the night? Where is he? "

Another nurse shook her head and disagreed with her.

"The whole thing is too complicated. We have nothing to do with it. When she calms down, we will go in to have a look. Now! Let's keep checking other rooms. Let's go! "

Melody passed the two nurses, walked slowly, tightening her grip on the vacuum bag.

She narrowed her eyes and gave a murderous look. 'Hester, we are irreconcilable!' She underestimated her enemy this time, so she connived in their relationship.

Standing in front of the bed, Terence looked out at the scenery, with waves in his eyes. He tightened his hand, regretting that he could do nothing. She wouldn't have suffered so much if he hadn't fainted.

He smashed his hand hard on the wall. The blood was oozing out from his fingers and winding up on his wrist. But he still kept a poker face as if he didn't feel any pain.

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