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   Chapter 136 a caesarean section

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Hester's finger trembled slightly as she saw a figure approaching her. In the end, it couldn't resist the boundless darkness and passed out.

Hester was lying in the pool of blood. Sheryl was so scared that she covered her mouth with her hand. He hurried forward and held her up. He raised his head and saw Selina standing on the stairs, frowning.

"Come and help!"

After she finally lifted Hester into the car, Sheryl pressed the brake down and rushed out in an instant.

She was panicked after glancing at Hester in the rearview mirror. Hester was very clear about this. He is the son of the CEO! Or she would be fired?

She raised her hand and put her Hester's sweaty hair behind her ears. A hint of happiness flashed through his face, but it disappeared in an instant. Her legs were soaked with blood. She looked up and said slowly.

Have a good sleep! Everything would come to an end when she woke up.

"Take care! Be careful of the cars ahead. Don't go too fast! "

Holding the steering wheel more tightly, Sheryl glanced at Selina with mixed feelings. When she went in. She was standing on the stairs, and Hester was lying on the ground.

A horrible thought came to her mind. She took a deep breath and tried to stop herself from thinking about that. Just focus on driving. I hope she can be saved. '.

Hester was sent into the operating room. Sheryl walked to the stairs and dialed the president's number. Her voice trembled with fear.

"Mr. Lu, Miss Alice had an accident. She is in the emergency room now,"

The hand that held the phone was fragile, and his face was dark and terrible. He took a deep breath to calm himself down.

His brain went blank and he couldn't think clearly. She took the key and ran out, but she didn't know where to go.


She was galloping at full speed and didn't look well. 'At first, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to calm myself down and deal with my business. But I didn't expect such thing happened. What a bad thing!' he thought.

'What the hell is going on with that damn woman?'

Hurriedly, he rushed to the operating room

ration room with empty eyes and felt heartbroken. Hester was so weak that how would she be able to withstand this?

The door of the operating room opened. The doctor took off his mask and looked at the person outside with a gloomy face.

"Who is the patient's family member?"

Terence rose, swayed, and came to the doctor.

"Yes, I am! How is she? "

With a cold face, the doctor handed him the paper. It happened almost every day in the hospital and the doctor was used to it.

"The child can't be saved. Now we have to sign an agreement for the abortion. We'll do the induced abortion immediately. If we delay it, the adults will also be in danger. "

Fury rose in his chest and his eyes went black. The consecutive work had overburdened his body. Now he was so furious that he shook his body and passed out directly.

After the examination, the doctor heaved a sigh of relief. "Don't worry! He is just anxious. He will be fine after resting for a while. "

Melody helped Terence to sit aside. Then, she rose to her feet, gazed firmly at the doctor and lifted the corners of her mouth, giving off a terrifying aura.

It was God who helped me, I would have been worried about how to give Hester a fatal blow. This time, it wouldn't be troublesome. Terence fell in a faint. The only person who could make a decision was her.

"I'm sorry, doctor, please take out the dead baby. I need the baby's DNA!"

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