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   Chapter 135 A broken heart in despair

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Hearing her words, she was relieved in her heart, and before her smile bloomed, she was shocked by the last sentence she said.

In a daze. She held the wall and calmed herself down. Hester couldn't believe her ears. It turned out that what Leo said was right.

"Do you love him? It turns out that you have been lying to me all the time! "

Melody snorted and raised her head in disdain. In such a situation, she was still in the mood to care about this. It seemed that she was not only stupid, but also silly!

Crossing her arms, she looked coldly at her inconsolable look. Melody was very disdainful in her heart. 'It's no big deal, can't she stand it?'

"Lying to you?"

She looked at her up and down with disdain.

"Why are you fooled by me? Or, do you think you deserve me to cheat you? I have a lot of money. I don't need it! I don't think you can give me that. "

Hester's heart tightened at Melody's contemptuous look. It felt like her heart was grasped tightly and brutally ravaged. She should have leaned against the wall instead of sitting on the ground.

"Melody, since when do you have a crush on him? Or are you using me to get close to him? "

When she heard her words, anger was burning in Melody's heart. She was God's favorite and could get anything she wanted.

The only thing that made her feel frustrated was Terence that if nothing went wrong, they would be a perfect couple envied by a lot of people.

"Please figure out the situation! I am the first woman he met, and the only woman he loves. "

Hester gasped and was astonished by her appearance. She knew that there had always been a woman in his heart, but she never knew her name.

She knew she was there when she was cleaning his study. Before she could see clearly her appearance, it was snatched away.

Terence stared at her coldly, looking extremely terrifying. Since then, she had known that there was someone in his heart.

"The woman in the photo is you?"

Melody couldn't help smiling. She knew it. A hint of slyness flashed in Melody's eyes. As long as this annoying woman left, they could be together aboveboard.

She looked at Hester with mockery. She walked up to her and nodded to her, pretending that she was implying but not sincerely.

"Hester! We have been friends for a period. Since I met Terence first, you are a

She couldn't sleep as the baby was crying.

As she struggled to open her eyes, hot liquid flew from her legs, like the tears of a baby. Her burning legs were painful, and she reached out her hands to Melody who was standing on the stairs.

"Help...Help...Save my child! "

She was standing at the top of Hester, with her arms around her chest. Melody's lips curled into a mocking smile.

She had waited for the chance for so long a time and finally got it when she was lost in thought. If the baby was gone, Terence will be mine.

'Hester, don't blame me for being ruthless. It's true that you are shameless that you have been entangling with Terence, which prevented my sight.' 'You should blame yourself!'

"Go to hell!"

She said it in silence and smiled wickedly. She wouldn't be relieved until she watched the child die!

Hester was desperate to hear her words. He looked at Selina up and down with his blank eyes. She was so beautiful and delicate that it had nothing to do with an instant monster. She was like a devil from hell, making people feel frightened.

The blood between her legs slowly cooled and she was dead. The whole person was soaked in blood, like an abandoned doll, battered!

Her heart was getting colder and colder. She felt that the baby's breath weakened and then disappeared. Hester felt that his life was turning into a walking corpse.

She was in a dark, her consciousness gradually weakened, and she slowly closed her eyes. Falling into boundless darkness, with the end of the child's life, her heart withered.

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